The Activities of Field Offices Under Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Under Special Campaing 2.0

New Delhi : During the Special Campaign 2.0, the Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has undertaken cleanliness drive in 263 sites at all subordinate/attached offices, autonomous bodies and all field units in all states (including north-eastern state) of India. The various activities covered are cleaning up exercises both within and outsides office premises, removal of scrap, disposal of all old and redundant files, clearing of weeds and undergrowth in the outfields, planting of trees and plants within the office premises.

During this campaign all the field units, in remotest parts of the country, have participated with great enthusiasm and also involved local people n the campaign to spread the message of cleanliness all over the country.  The number of cleanliness campaigns have already exceeded the target and still going on in full swing.

During this campaign, Directorate of Sugarcane Development Lucknow also visited the Primary School, Bakshi ka Talab Block, Bhikhapur, Lucknow and the importance of cleanliness such as brushing of teeth, washing of hand, wearing of neat and clean clothes, etc.  was shared with students. National Horticulture Board, Gurgaon has generated revenue of Rs. 49500/- by disposing scrap material and also freed & create an additional workable area of 3883 Sq ft.  A total of 11602 sq ft. of space is created and an amount of Rs.96650 has been collected by sales of scraps so far.

Before                                                                   After


( National Horticulture Board, Gurgaon)

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