[Better Life Story] The Power of ‘We’ for a Better Life and a More Inclusive Society

New Delhi : Sustainable living is only achievable if people and organizations come together with a shared vision and mutual respect. With this idea of positive ‘co-existence’ crucial to the future of the planet and people, LG has long been pursuing a truly inclusive environment for people from all walks of life, in the best way it can – providing easily accessible products everyone can use regardless of their abilities.


The BETTER LIFE 2030 PLAN is the next phase in LG’s mission to inspire greater togetherness. Building on its long-standing goals for establishing a diverse, inclusive society, the company is now introducing a concrete action plan and detailed performance indicators to strengthen bonds with people, including suppliers, employees and consumers, to promote more of ‘we,’ and less of ‘me.’

As part of this plan, LG plans to provide suppliers with corporate knowledge and expertise to enable safer and more efficient operations, establish clear-cut metrics to assess the workforce’s diversity, develop universally accessible products and more.

Working closely with partners, LG fosters a sustainable ecosystem across its entire supply chain to create safer working environments and stable supply systems.

LG has been encouraging suppliers to adhere to globally recognized management standards and health and safety management certifications to help them maintain a self-inspection high-risk ratio under 0.5%. For example, preventing excessive work hours for better working conditions, earning more health and safety certifications and providing resources and expertise so suppliers can execute ESG management practices. Assessing new suppliers is another integral part of LG’s approach, which is why it is applying stricter ESG evaluation criteria for its corporate partnerships.

Since LG embraces people-oriented management, its doors are always open to talent regardless of their inherited traits or diverse identities. Moving forward, the company aims to provide socially disadvantaged classes, like those living with disabilities, with more career opportunities.

By 2030, the company will have created various job opportunities for people with disabilities. And to ensure all employees are equally recognized and included in corporate culture, LG will soon introduce more company-wide diversity training programs.

When it comes to new product innovation, LG takes the viewpoint of its myriad users. The company’s products must be universally functional and convenient, which means they must be easily usable by elderly, young and disabled people to ensure not even a single person is excluded.

With the objective of adapting accessibility features by 2025, and providing user manuals with every product by 2030, LG is teaming up with the consumer group ‘Disabled Advisory Group’ made up of users with varying abilities to hear their views and reflect them into every product it develops going forward. LG is also extending its efforts to boost accessibility by addressing customer touchpoints that extend beyond its products. For example, sign language kiosks and barrier-free services will be adopted to provide the most accessible customer experience to date.

LG’s vision for a sustainable world has been shaped by its guiding principle: ‘A Better Life for All’. The company continues to foster a greener, more resilient earth for all by pursuing carbon-neutral business practices and circular economies, while standing with its suppliers, employees and consumers to form a better ‘us’ that results in a more diverse and inclusive society.

A small step towards a brighter future for everyone – this is LG’s Better Life story and the journey has just begun. #BetterLifeforAll.

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