Power Foundation of India and Vigyan Bharati organize conference on “Sustainable Consumption of Energy”

New Delhi : A one-day conference on “Sustainable Consumption of Energy” has been organized by Power Foundation of India and Vigyan Bharati as part of the “Agni Tattva” campaign under the Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) Mission at IIT Guwahati on the 14th November 2022. This is the third conference, in a series with the previous ones being held at Leh and Bhopal.

The conference was inaugurated by the Governor of Assam Prof. Jadgish Mukhi who was the Chief Guest. Other dignitaries included Shri Sanjiv N Sahai, Director-General, Power Foundation of India (PFI) and former-Secretary Ministry of Power; Ajay Tewari, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Power; Professor  Dr T G Sitharam, Director-General IIT, Guwahati; and Dr Tripta Thakur, Director- General, National Power Training Institute. The conference was attended by Senior  Government Officials, Energy Experts, Researchers, NGOs, College students and school children. The conference, highlighted how reduced and efficient energy consumption can result in sustainable development.

Addressing the gathering, the Governor, Prof Mukhi spoke of the relevance of holding the conference at Guwahati, where communities from diverse ethnicity and culture socially coexist in harmony with nature through sustainable practices. He underscored that conservation of nature, culture and heritage is the responsibility of every citizen and reducing the use of energy as well as adopting alternate sources of energy is the need of the hour. The regional eco-system should  be preserved by adopting a simple and environment friendly way of life and harnessing our traditional wisdom. He urged that this message should be driven to  the masses in the remotest parts of India and suggested that an actionable plan be  worked out to reduce energy consumption.

Speaking at the inaugural session, Mr. Sahai expressed the urgency to move away from greed towards green. Highlighting the link between public policy and personal behaviour, he emphasised a review in public policy which will nudge sustainable personal behaviour. He highlighted that while public policy on conservation should be based on efficiency, the practices of conservation should be a blend of modern and traditional techniques.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Tewari expressed concern that availability of energy has bestowed unimaginable comforts in our lives, but indiscriminate use and mindless consumption of energy is a major cause for a rapidly emerging existential crisis. By taking one action at a time and making one change daily, we can change our lifestyle to inculcate long-term environment-friendly habits.

Dr. Thakur reinforced the need to fall back on our traditional principles and  practices to bring back the focus on nature and health. She informed that the series of conferences on the Agni Tattva are focused on bringing out the ways in which energy is linked to life, which include energy linkages with sustainability, culture, security, spirituality, health, environment, habitat. “The aim is to bring a holistic transformation based on our ancient wisdom for a better future.”

Professor Dr. Sitharam expressed deep gratitude for recognizing IIT Guwahati as the venue for the conference, where extensive research is underway in the fields of energy conservation, green energy, and rural applications of technology for sustainable development. Held on Children’s Day, and with children as its main audience, the conference held  a special significance as children can be the torchbearers of change for a better tomorrow.

The daylong conference also included talks and a panel discussion on energy efficiency and conservation by eminent experts from the fields of policy making, environmental regulation, research and academia.

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