Nepal: Governor of Madhesh Pradesh Hari Mishra inaugurates Janakpur Dham Cultural Festival on the eve of Janki Navmi

Janakpur: Janakpurdham Cultural Festival organized on the eve of Janki Navmi in the Dhanusha District of Madhesh Pradesh attracts food lovers to taste mithila delicacies and engross them in a musical evening celebrating the birth of Janaki.


AIR correspondent reports that Janakpur Dham Cultural Festival was inaugurated by the Governor of Madhesh Pradesh Shree Hari Mishra to celebrate the shared Mithila Cultural heritage between India and Nepal on the eve of Janki Navami. The Embassy of India has organized the Mithila food festival in the daytime, offering a unique opportunity to sample a wide variety of cuisines of Mithila cultures.


Director Of ICCR in Nepal Dr Asawari Bapat said that a total of 84 Mithila cuisines were served including Bagiya, madua ki roti, Daal Pithi, a variety of saag, Bhushwa, doodh pitha, and sandesh. Marking the International Year of Millets the festival highlighted millet-based cuisines that are the staple diet in the Mithila region like kurthi, barley, oats, sorghum, madua, and others. This food festival is an event that celebrates mithila food, bringing together people who love to cook mithila food and people who want to discover new tastes and flavours.


Mithila food festival provides economic benefits to the local community and an opportunity for tourists to expand one’s palate and learn about different cultures through food.


The cultural evening is marked with a belle showing Ram’s birth to his coronation along with classical music and Ram Bhajan, soaked visitors’ minds and heart with appreciation towards the shared cultural heritage between India and Nepal.


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