National Conference of School Education Ministers concludes with a resolve to make education system in tune with the aspirations of a New India

New Delhi :A two-day National Conference of School Education Ministers’ concludes with a resolve to make education system more robust, vibrant and in tune with the requirements of the 21st century and aspirations of a New India.


In his concluding remarks Shri Dharmendra Pradhan thanked all the Ministers and stakeholders of 32 States/UTs for sharing their learnings and experiences on ways to transform learning and usher in excellence in educational practices.He said that the curriculum  teacher training, and e-learning frameworks are a priority. He urged for more pro-active support, cooperation and participation from all States/UTs in the development of NCF and in building teacher capacities.

The Minister said that the NEP also lays emphasis on skilling. He exhorted the States/UTs to strengthen DIET and also leverage the school infrastructure after school hours to come up with substantial number of skill hubs.

The Minister said that every state has its own unique proposition. He suggested States/UTs to also evolve ways to blend curriculum keeping in mind State/UT specific requirements. He urged all to continuously work together for a more vibrant education landscape and for making an India of the 21st century.

On the 2nd day of the conference, the Interactive session with Education Ministers was held covering the following:

  • Roll out and progress of NEP 2020 Implementation
  • State Curriculum Framework (SCF) Preparation
  • Sharing of strategies for Learning Recovery after School Reopening
  • Foundational Literacy and Numeracy and Vidya Pravesh
  • Skills in Schools
  • Student Registry and NDEAR

The Education Ministers and senior officials  appreciated the initiatives taken by the Gujarat Government relating to education and skilling. Most of them also expressed their interest in setting up the Vidya Samiksha Kendra at State level, integrating it with district/block/school level for the purpose of analysis and diagnostics of learning levels in schools, which in turn shall be used as a tool for further improvement of learning outcomes. A presentation on National Education Technology Forum and National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR) was also given by Chairperson AICTE Shri Anil Sahasrabudhe.

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