Bhagwant Khuba visits multiple solar PV sites on 3rd day of German tour

New Delhi :Union Minister of State for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Shri Bhagwant Khuba visited multiple solar PV sites on last day of Munich, Germany tour for Intersolar Europe 2022.

Shri Bhagwant Khuba, earlier today, visited interspace farming Agri-PV site in Althegenber near Munich, Germany. Agri-PV concept promotes dual use of land for Agriculture as well for solar power generation. Elevated solar panel structures provide required shade to crops in hot tropical Indian climate. Further bifacial vertical panels can also be used in agro PV.

The Minister observed that this concept addresses both the food security and energy security needs of India in coming years and hence many such projects shall be installed in India. Secretary, MNRE Shri Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi was also present. Shri Khuba visited different Solar PV sites with innovative technologies/methods. One of the site is using soil screw method where no cement is used for mounting the PV structure, instead a large screw is drilled into ground to provide strong base for the PV. This method reduces usage of cement and avoids any type of soil degradation. He desired that Indian RE sector too looks forward for such innovative methods.

Shri Bhagwant Khuba received a hearty welcome and felicitation by Indian diaspora in Munich. He expressed that it was a pleasure and privilege to interact with Indians on a foreign soil. The Minister interacted with NRIs about how India is prospering under Hon’ble PM’s leadership. Further he discussed how non residents can contribute towards development of nation. Many bilateral and round table meetings were held during last 3 days.

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