Around 3600 Indians evacuated from #Sudan under #OperationKaveri so far

New Delhi: Around 3600 Indians evacuated from #Sudan under #OperationKaveri so far. Embassy of India in #Khartoum said in a series of tweets that it mobilised and facilitated the movement of 67 buses from various parts of Sudan to reach Port Sudan. So far, Indians have moved out of Port Sudan using five Indian Naval Ships and sixteen Indian Air Force aircraft including one from Wadi Sayyidna military airbase.
The Embassy said that one of the most herculean tasks of bringing Indians stranded in El Fashir in Sudan was achieved today. It mobilised its resources and coordinated with various stakeholders in conflict zones to ensure safe travel for its citizens over an arduous journey of over 1800 kilometres. Two buses from El Fashir in Western Sudan carrying 80 Indians reached Port Sudan, which is in East Sudan, safely after travelling for more than 48 hours.

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