Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah presented President’s Colours to Assam Police for exemplary services

New Delhi :The Union Minister for Home and Cooperation, Amit Shah presented the President’s Colours to the Assam Police for their exemplary services in Guwahati today. The Chief Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma and the Director General of Assam Police, and several dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

In his address, the Union Home and Cooperation Minister said that on this historic occasion, as the Union Home Minister and along with Assam Police, I am proud that Assam Police are the tenth police force in the country to receive this honour. Receiving the President’s Colours is an extraordinary achievement for any police organization and today the Assam Police have registered their name in this proud club and it is a matter of great pride for Assam. Shri Shah said that there would hardly be any force in the country which has faced such difficult situations. Remembering the rich and proud history of about 200 years of Assam Police, in 1826, the British started this police force by appointing some policemen at a district headquarters. The Assam Police also has the distinction of giving genesis to the country’s oldest anti-militant force, the Assam Rifles. At the time of Independence, the number of Assam Police was 8,000, which has increased to more than 70,000 today.


Shri Amit Shah said he was proud that the days of militancy have come to an end in Assam. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, we are making peace agreements one after another with the extremist organizations and the day is not far when there will be no extremist organization left in Assam. He said that the misguided youths are joining the mainstream by putting up arms and efforts are being made to solve the 7 decades old problem by negotiating on the border dispute with the neighboring State. Now AFSPA is also being removed, earlier the Armed Forces were given special powers, today the Assam Government is working on giving special power to the youth of Assam for development and a bright future and this is a matter of joy for all of us. Is. In the border districts, the Assam Police stands with the CAPFs to build an impenetrable wall and within 6 years, the Assam Police and the Assam Government have contributed in bringing down infiltration from the borders of Assam and cow smuggling to almost zero in the last one year.

Union Home Minister said that the problems pending for decades have been resolved, an agreement was reached with Karbi Group in my presence on 4th September 2021. Recently, the Prime Minister had been there and at that time many conditions of the agreement were also fulfilled. Simultaneously, the work has been done to rehabilitate the cadres of the Bodo groups, negotiation with the Bodo groups and bring them into the mainstream by withdrawing 274 cases against about 427 ex-cadres . Shri Shah said that AFSPA was always a reason for protests by the public. Recently, the areas under AFSPA in Nagaland, Assam and Manipur have been reduced. AFSPA was in force in Assam since 1990 and it was extended 60 times in a row. Today I am proud to say that after 8 years rule of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi AFSPA has been removed fully from 23 districts and partially from one district of Assam. Today we have been able to remove AFSPA from more than 60 percent of Assam, and I hope that the day is not far when AFSPA is removed from the whole of Assam.


Shri Amit Shah said that Assam Police has fought many important battles for national integration. Facing the challenges of the era of horrors of Partition to communal riots, the refugee problem, seven decades of infiltration, the glorious journey of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 and the challenge of insurgency till 1980-90, defeating ill motives of foreign powers, the Assam Police have the distinction of coming out victorious. The Assam Police has fought hard with many banned organizations and worked to strengthen the country’s borders and internal security. Under the Unified Command, the Assam Police has also served as a synergy to the Indian Army in Operation Bajrang and Operation Rhino of the Indian Army. At the same time, the Assam Police has fought a tireless and victorious battle for seven decades against arms, cow and drugs smuggling and human trafficking. For this, I want to congratulate the Director General of Assam Police to the youngest constable on behalf of the nation.


Union Home Minister said that while performing their duty, about 886 personnel of Assam Police were martyred, in this fight, Assam Police personnel have received 2 Kirti Chakras, 4 President’s Police Medals and 19 Police Medals which is an acknowledgment to the bravery of Assam Police. He said that when there was a crisis of militancy for internal security, the Assam Police fought the gun with the gun to uphold the constitutional order and at the same time worked to integrate the misguided youth into the mainstream. Assam Police has also fought against many social evils and has also worked to free society from various evil practices. ‘Project Ashwa’ was initiated for the welfare of children who were victims of violence and terrorism in Assam, and this has brought pride to Assam Police across the country. Assam Police have not only made efforts but also achieved results for the proper rehabilitation and overall development and also safeguarding the identity and ethos of the local culture of the militants who surrendered.


Shri Amit Shah said that Assam Police has also achieved significant success in curbing drugs smuggling and poaching of rhinos. In this connection, 2,834 cases were registered and around 5,000 people arrested. Under the leadership of Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Assam Police is determined to move forward strictly against rhino poaching. Assam Police has achieved much in the last one year. He said that for the President’s Colour’s that the Assam Police has received today, it is a fully and well qualified police force and the Assam Police has ensured its place among the best police forces of India. Despite so many geographical disparities and challenges, Assam today is walking on the path of development. The bloodshed, militancy and unrest that Assam has endured for decades is now over. Now a new era of peace, brotherhood and cultural preservation and development has begun. The presentation of the President’s Colours to the Assam Police will be written in golden letters and I am sure that this will boost the morale of the Assam Police and with their sacrifice and hardwork, they will ensure the internal security of the country’s borders and of Assam.

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