This International Tiger Day, learn how to create a safer planet for our striped friends with Sony BBC Earth’s shows

New Delhi: One of the world’s apex predators, tigers are the planet’s most awe-inspiring and iconic animals. With the distinct striped look and beautifully marked face, this magnificent creature is sadly falling prey to the illegal practice of poaching. This July 29, as the world observes International Tiger Day creating awareness about tiger conservation, Sony BBC Earth celebrates this day in its own special way. The channel takes its viewers on an adventure ride exposing them to eye-opening realities and spreading awareness about the wild with their shows Tiger Spy In the Jungle and Tigers – Hunting The Traffickers.


Deep within the Indian jungle, India’s most charismatic big cat is helping us discover the hidden wildlife that shares the tiger’s realm. The show, Tiger Spy in the Jungle takes you through the life journey of a tiger – from playful cubs to learning adolescents and finally to young hunting adults. It also provides a unique insight into how the relationship of tigers alters with other animals in the wild as they mature, including sloth bears – a rarely filmed bear with a distinct personality – and leopards, tigers’ main rival. That’s not all! The show also takes viewers through a plethora of challenges and problems affecting forest life specifically tigers across the country.


While viewers get to experience a profound understanding of the dense woods, they will also get to witness how humans exploit the big cats for business gains. The show Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers examines how the illegal tiger trade endangers one of nature’s most beautiful creatures and exposes the shocking truth about illegal tiger farms. Watch humans hinder the cat’s long-term survival in the wild by killing, buying, and selling tigers, and encroaching on their last remaining swaths of habitat.



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