Telecom Department allots license and spectrum to Vodafone Idea Limited and Reliance Jio Infocomm for 5G testing in Gujarat

New Delhi : Department of Telecommunications (DoT)on 27.05.2021, for 5G testing in Gujarat, allotted license and spectrum to :

  1. Vodafone Idea Limited in Gandhinagar (for urban), Mansa (for semi urban) and Unava, (rural) with Nokia as equipment supplier.
  2. Reliance Jio Infocomm in Jamnagar (semi urban / rural) with Samsung as equipment supplier.On 11.11.2021, the steering committee of Gujarat LSA, DoT for 5G, comprising of Shri Sumit Mishra Director, Shri Vikas Dadhich Director and Shri Suryash Gautam Assistant Divisional Engineer, visited the testing sites at Gandhinagar, with the technical team of Vodafone Idea Limited and Nokia.

    The team checked the data speed at the Mahatma Mandir 5G site of Gandhinagar, which was found to be about 1.5 Gbps – almost 100 times faster than 4G. The speed test was done on non-standalone 5G mode.

    Following four use cases were also tested by the Gujarat LSA, DoT team on site :-

    1. 360 degrees virtual reality content playback – user connects on 5G to the content providing server and experiences the location in virtual reality, as if he/she is physically there.
    2. Virtual reality connected classroom – Facilitates a teacher to reach students remotely through 360° live streaming via 5G network. Student gets a feeling of private lesson, where he/she can interact with the teacher via voice chat or exercises.
    3. 5G immersive gaming – Gamers movements are captured online and sent to gaming platform via 5G network wherein it is merged to a pre-recorded gaming video.
    4. Artificial intelligence assisted 360 degrees camera – Real time video stream from 360-degree cameras is uploaded via 5G network; the end users get real 360 experience and with added artificial intelligence, he/ she can also detect the things like people, bags, bottles, laptop etc.

    The use cases were testing using standalone 5G mode.

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