TECH, the best online university in the world according to Forbes is positioned as the highest rated university in the world by its students

The Trustpilot platform, which collects the opinions of students from dozens of countries, has ranked TECH as “the best-rated university in the world by its students”, giving it the highest rating in the field of education: 4.9 out of 5 after more than 1,000 evaluations

Trustpilot has positioned TECH as the best-rated university in the world by its students. This review portal is the most reliable and prestigious because it verifies and confirms the authenticity of each of the opinions published, and has awarded TECH its highest rating, placing it as the absolute international university reference. Thus TECH, the best online university in the world according to Forbes, has obtained a score of 4.9 out of 5, based on more than 1000 reviews received.

This figure corresponds to the rating of excellent, the highest that an educational institution can obtain on Trustpilot. The company explains that its method is based on the evaluation of many factors such as the quantity, quality, and age of the reviews received. Likewise, the measurement considers each university’s willingness to obtain constant student feedback. Therefore, in addition to the individual student’s appreciation, the regularity of the reception of opinions on the services obtained is considered.

In this way, there are several reasons for the success of TECH, the world’s largest online university, on this platform. Susana Morales, a student of TECH’s Master’s Degree in Neurosciences, points out that “the university provides first-rate content, which ensures superior quality in the acquisition of skills”. In this regard, many Trustpilot reviews point to the quality of teaching at this institution and its individualized and efficient attention.

Other graduates, such as Alessandro Pellegri, an Italian resident in Rome, emphasize the possibility of “being able to study at one’s own pace’’. Also, Elizabeth Henderson, a student of the Master in Aesthetic Medicine, says that the best thing about the degree is its “professional orientation, responding to the current needs of each clinical area”. These appreciations are in line with many awards received by TECH, which has also been recognized as a Google Partner Premiere in 2023, an award to which only 3% of companies have access.

These recognitions place TECH, the best online university in the world according to Forbes, as a first-class academic institution, ratifying its many educational successes. Considering that in an increasingly digitalized world, taking advantage of the online medium to specialize in areas of high professional demand eases training that was previously relegated to traditional classrooms and pre-established schedules.

According to a report by the consultancy firm MarketsandMarkets, the size of the online education market will increase from $8.4 billion in 2020 to $33.2 billion in 2025. Moreover, according to Markets and Research, e-learning is the fastest-growing sector of the education industry, with a 900% increase since 2000.

These figures confirm the growing preference for online over traditional training, but they are also a sign that the reach and impact of the Internet and user ratings are definitive factors when it comes to choosing one university over another. In fact, according to a study by Trusted Shops, 97% of users look for reviews from other consumers before buying a product online, including in the field of education.

Trustpilot, a company of reference in the valuation of services

In this context, and in the face of the growing emergence of online product and service companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to verify the quality of assets. For this reason, different methods of measuring and evaluating the level of organizations have appeared, some of them based directly on the verified opinion of users.

Also, the education sector has experienced quick growth in recent years, driven by the expansion of digital media. According to Juan José Prieto, Ph.D. in documentation sciences, by 2025 the turnover of the academic sector will have tripled compared to 2020. Thus, validation of the quality of academic institutions is a key element, making it necessary to receive reliable references on the care supplied and the resources available to each educational institution.

In this way, Trustpilot, a company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Denmark, currently hosts more than 150 million user reviews from all over the world and evaluates more than 700,000 organizations from different fields and from all continents: from electricity companies to insurance companies to textile chains. It is also one of the most popular digital platforms globally, appearing in the Top 1% of the Alexa Ranking, a positioning system that measures web traffic.

TECH Technological University, the world’s largest online university

This recognition from Trustpilot adds to a whole series of distinctions that TECH, the best online university in the world according to Forbes, has been accumulating throughout its history. This institution has been highlighted by the Financial Times as one of the 200 fastest-growing international companies in recent years. On the other hand, its magnificent work in web optimization and user experience has earned it the status of Google Partner Premier 2023, the highest recognition granted by the American giant to which only 3% of companies can have access.

Another of TECH’s hallmarks is its commitment to employability, as it is a leader in this field. The consulting firm KPMG has figured out that 99% of TECH students obtain a better job within 12 months of graduating. This reinforces and reaffirms the opinions expressed by students in Trustpilot, which confirms the orientation and job adaptation of all TECH degrees and place the university as the best-rated in the world.

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