Successful Launch of “Crimson Roses and Hidden Desire” by 14-Year-Old Literary Prodigy Konstantina Priyadarshini Vasileiadou


Bhubaneswar  – The launch of “Crimson Roses and Hidden Desire,” the debut book by 14-year-old literary prodigy Konstantina Priyadarshini Vasileiadou, who possesses a unique blend of Odia Indian and Greek heritage that serves as a canvas for her imaginative storytelling, was a resounding success. The event, held on July 5, 2024, at 6:30 PM at the Bhubaneswar Club, attracted a distinguished audience of literary enthusiasts, dignitaries, and media representatives.

The evening was graced by Ms. Tanaya Pattnaik, Executive Director of Sambad Group, who honored the event as the Chief Guest. Mr. Babu Singh, MLA of Ekamara Bhubaneswar, was the Guest of Honor, along with Chief Speakers such as Meera Parida, Transgender Activist, Dr. Anuradha Mohapatra, Mental Health Activist, Reena Chopra, Teenage Psychologist lending their support and enthusiasm for young literary talent. Child authors Dash Benhur, Narendra Prasad Dash, and Vaishnav Mohanty added a special touch to the occasion, sharing their own experiences and encouraging young writers to pursue their literary dreams along with Mr. Priyadarshi Mishra, BJP leader. The event also featured an inspiring discussion about the book by the Chief Guest Tanaya Pattnaik along with dignitaries like Meera Parida, Dr. Anuradha Mohapatra, Dr. Reena Chopra,  and Honourable MLA, Ekamra Bhubaneswar Sri Babu Singh

While speaking at this event MS. Tanaya Patnaik Chief Guest said that “seeing such a young energetic teenager writing about her inner feeling is something amazing”.

While Babu Singh, Honourable MLA Ekamra Bhubaneswar wished the young author good luck and this Odia spirit of doing something new always”.

Transgender activist Meera Parida while talking in the discussion on the book “applauded the courage of young author to write about the equitable society and openness to all relationships. Clinical Psychologists Dr. Anuradha Mohapatra and Dr. Reena Chopra spoke about the power of expression of Konstantina as a teenage and how that can help the future of society.

Konstantina Priyadarshini Vasileiadou, an Odiya girl, has captivated readers with her debut work. “Crimson Roses and Hidden Desire” is a deeply personal and transformative teenage romantic fiction that resonates with young readers. The narrative blends the spices of Indian romance with the poetic allure of Greek passion, creating a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences.

Konstantina’s storytelling reflects her journey through the joys and challenges of adolescence, emphasizing the importance of facing one’s past and transforming pain into strength. The book also highlights the therapeutic power of storytelling, offering readers a safe space to explore and resolve deep-seated emotions.

The launch event was a celebration of literature and creativity. Attendees were moved by Konstantina’s speech, where she shared her inspiration and journey as a young author. The panel discussions provided valuable insights into mental health, self-expression, and the empowerment of youth through literature.

The evening concluded with a book signing session, where attendees had the opportunity to interact with Konstantina and get their copies of “Crimson Roses and Hidden Desire” personally signed by the young author. The successful launch of “Crimson Roses and Hidden Desire” marks the beginning of an exciting literary journey for Konstantina, promising a bright future in the world of literature.

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