Sri Sri Ravi Shankar addresses thousands of Kashmiri Pandits on the occasion of New Year (Navreh) Celebrations

Jammu  : Global spiritual master and humanitarian leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar virtually blessed the culmination of Navreh celebrations, the New Year of Kashmiri Hindu community. Gurudev inspired the members of the community to move forward with enthusiasm and positivity and work towards sharing the rich spiritual knowledge found in the ancient texts with roots in Kashmiri Shaivism, a gift from Kashmir to the world.

“I hope the coming year is filled with auspiciousness and enthusiasm for Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandits,” Gurudev said, ” *There has been an increase in targeted killings in the last year.* Let us pray that peace prevails in the valley. We will not bow down and lose to the wrongful activities being undertaken by neighboring countries to disrupt the peace here. We will keep moving forward with full enthusiasm because we are on the path of truth and the divine is by our side. I also request our Kashmiri pandit brothers and sisters to read and make others read and contemplate on the ancient texts that have their origins in Kashmiri Shaivism.”

Gurudev shared that he had started traveling and giving commentary on the Shiva Sutras, a priceless gift of Kashmiri Shaivism to humanity, way back in the 1980s even before he started The Art of Living. Gurudev also shared that the secrets mentioned in the timeless text of Vigyan Bhairav that Gurudev has been unraveling and talking about while traveling across the country is yet another treasure of Kashmiri Shaivism which is highly beneficial for humanity at large. “These scientific techniques that Kashmir has given to the world are not yet known to people,” Gurudev said.

Gurudev was invited to virtually bless the Lalitaditya Shaur Divas Navreh celebrations organized by Sanjeevani Sharada Kendra, Jammu.As part of the New Year celebrations members of the community, remembering Mother Sharada, Sage Kashyapa and other greats from the Hindu Kashmiri community, took an oath to work towards establishing peace and cultural restoration in Kashmir.

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