Rayagada District will be a role model to ensure safety and security for the children living in residential schools: DCPU, Rayagada

Gunupur: An Orientation program to Superintendents, Matrons and ANMs of ST & SC Development and S & ME Department residential schools in Rayagada district on “Ensuring Safety & Security of Children in Institutions in Special Reference To POCSO Act, 2012” & Other Guidelines of Different Departments of the Govt. was organised at Rayagada and Gunupur on 27th and 28th August 2019 jointly by District Administration and District Child Protection Unit, Rayagada.

The Orientation Program were held at DRDA Conference Hall, Rayagada on 27th August 2019 and at Town Hall, Gunupur on 28th August 2019. District Collector Sri Pramod Ku Behera joined as chief guest in this program and appealed all to behave the children as our family members. He also praised the services of different School HMs and Matrons. He told that, we should act our level best to be the role model for the entire country.

Sri Susant Panda, State Program Manager, SCSTRTI, Bhubaneswar joined as resource person to facilitate the orientation program. He also focused on safety and security for the children as per the guidelines for the residential schools issued by the SC&ST department and also focused on POCSO Act.

Among of others Sri Pratap Ch Pradhan, Sub Collector, Rayagada also told that, we have better experiences in services of government run schools. They already made examples to build more knowledge, skill full people in our society. We are also among of them. While discussing about the teachers, we also are remembering to our own teachers. So this hour also needing similar teachers for greater cause of the society.

Sri Tuku Barik, PA, ITDA, Rayagada told that, during last several years we have been trying to provide supports to our staffs for better implementation of the services to our children. We should mind that, our children are staying with us for nearly 10 months in an academic calendar, due to lack of financial resources the families and children are depending on us. Out of total 6.5 Lakhs children staying in ST& SC department residential schools 64000 children are from Rayagada. So total contribution also nearly 10 percent to State. We should act as per their trust on us.

Sri Nandalal Biswal, District Welfare Officer, Rayagada told that, we should remind our past, where our teachers were treating us as their children, no children have to pay for extra class and also getting food from the teachers while spending time with them but now somewhere we are missing the scene. We are also getting information about our negligence to provide services. But, same time some of our teachers and other service providers also doing best to ensure safety and security of children. We should act to take lead in the country as a role model.

Sri Ramesh Chandra Nayak, District Child Protection Officer, Rayagada told that in Rayagada there are 154 residential schools and nearly 586 staffs are providing services to the children. The service providers should have the knowledge on Child Protection mechanism and laws for ensuring their safety and security. Sexual Assault and Sexual Exploitation is a crime and there are several punishments under the laws. Due to sexual assault and sexual exploitation many other children are feeling insecure as a result dropout also emerging as an issue. Out of school leads to child labour and also for early marriages. That creates bad impact in terms of health, malnutrition and leads to IMR and MMR. If we have the knowledge and report to higher authorities and line department officials then many cases can be shorted out without facing any hurdles. This program is organized to orient the service providers so that, child protection and child friendly services can be ensured.
In Gunupur orientation program Dr. B.S.Baliram, Sub Collector, Gunupur joined and told that, no children should feel insecure in our residential schools. We should take the responsibilities to provide services for our nation building. There were some ill mental people did some mischievous activities so government has to bring a law for safety of the children. So we should aware POCSO Act and should act as per the guidelines.

Among of others PA, ITDA, Gunupur Sri Gorachand Gamango, District Inspector of Schools Sri. Shyam Gham Bhuyan, Circle Inspector of Schools Sri Krushna Chndra Mahala, Unicef District Consultant Sri Prakash Chandra Barik and Action Aid District Coordinator Ratneswar Sahu also present in these orientation Programs and shared their valuable thoughts to make schools child friendly.

The Program was organized by DCPU, Rayagada and District Administration, Rayagada. The Orientation program were ended with vote of thanks from Smt. Satyapriya Pradhan, DCPU Rayagada.

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