Mission Smart village by IDA to improve happiness Index

Report by Malaya Mohapatra; Kendujhar: Ideal Development Agency has launched a Mission Smart Village initiative in Kendujhar District to nurture 100 villages as Smart Village in next three years.”We envisage to convert 500 villages as smart villages in the district by 2030 village with convergence of schemes and programs,”Sebati Singh, Secretary IDA told media.

Every village should have a mechanism of people’s participation and the present structure lead by Govt lacks passion and leadership.MSVs Grambandhu will be trained to nurture Village Champions in each village, those will be change agents of that village on a unique self reliance enterprise module. Gram bandhu, will be the catalyst in the smart initiative and they will ignite the change agents module for improving Gross Happiness Index not GDP alone. A pilot phase with 20 villages was surveyed by gram bandhus and a two day barefoot training has been completed in Mukuna village recently.

IDA will promote a startup company in name of Kendujhar Grambandhu Private limited to proffesionalise many activities essential for the mission. There are seven thematic focuses in the smart village initiative like Food, Security, productive enterprise, soil water climate, health, education,empowering village institutions and quality of life. Sahoyaga the knowledge management consultancy organization will be providing training and handholding support to IDA.

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