Mega Job Mela in Kandhamal Parliamentary Constituency; 7000 Youths Selected for Placement

Boudh: As many as 7000 rural youth were placed in 71 companies at the two-day Mega Job Mela in Kandhamal Parliamentary Constituency organized at the initiative of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Kandhamal Lok Sabha MP in cooperation with the district administration.

The Mega Job Mela was a resounding success with rural youth, mostly having under matric qualifications, getting jobs with salary ranging from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20000 in well established companies. The companies will provide other facilities, in addition to salary. Over 14,000 youths from Kandhamal parliamentary constituency participated in the job mela, while 12,000 youths registered their name for placement.

On 9th January 2020, the mega job mela was conducted at Phulbani, the district headquarters of Kandhamal. More than 12,000 youth from Phublani, Kotagarh, Tumudibandh, Baliguda, K. Nuagaon, Daringbadi, Raikia, G. Udaygiri, Tikabali, Chakapada, Phiringia, Khajuripada block and Phulbani Municipality area of Kandhamal district, Gania, Daspala and Nuagaon block of Nayagarh district, Bhanjanagar and Jagannath Prasad of Ganjam district attended the job mela and out of them 10000 registered their name for placement. As many as 6300 youth were selected for placement. Out of them, 5000 youth were selected on the spot and 1300 were selected for placement after completing training.

On 10th January 2020, the mega job mela was organized at Boudh where 2000 youth from Kantamal and Boudh Block registered their name for placement. Total 21 companies participated, selecting 700 youth.

Dr. Samanta has been trying his best for last 6 months to bring more companies to the mega job mela to ensure maximum placement. Steps were taken to aware more and more youth of Kandhamal parliamentary constituency to participate in the mega job mela and proper training was given for placement before the job mela. District administration and staff of the MP tried their very best for this.

Dr. Samanta had arranged 120 buses for transportation of youth from various blocks to the job mela. He also made arrangements to take the placement teams of various companies to Kandhamal after their arrival in Bhubaneswar. Now it is a matter of discussion among intellectuals and common people of the parliamentary constituency that, despite the present employment crisis throughout the country, a huge number of rural youth have got placement in two days through mega job mela. It has been possible only for the initiative of Dr. Samanta, they opined.

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