Minister of State for Culture Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal to attend UNESCO-MONDIACULT 2022 World Conference in Mexico

New Delhi : The Indian delegation headed by the Minister of State for Culture Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal will be represented at UNESCO-MONDIACULT 2022 World Conference to be held at Mexico City during 28th-30th September, 2022. The opening ceremony is taking place at 10:00 AM CDT (Mexico Time) on Wednesday, 28th September .

The Minister is expected to address the conference on burning issues and concerns of the Cultural sector policies. In the conference, Culture Ministers of more than 100 countries will participate on this multilateral forum to decide on the global cultural discourse.

The UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development- MONDIACULT 2022 is convened by UNESCO forty years after the first Mondiacult World Conference on Cultural Policies, held in Mexico City (Mexico) in 1982, and 24 years after the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies for Development held in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1998. This is the third such conference.

The main goal of the conference is to shape a more robust and resilient cultural sector, fully anchored in the perspectives of sustainable development as well as promotion of solidarity, peace, and security, in line with the vision enshrined in the UN Secretary-General’s report ‘Our Common Agenda’ (September 2021), which refers to culture as a ‘global public good, the good of us all.’

The last Decade of Action for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, agreed upon by the international community as a common aspirational roadmap, UNESCO has convened its Member States and the global community to embark jointly on a continuous reflection on cultural policies to tackle global challenges and outline immediate and future priorities.

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