May 2024 Consumer Price Index for Agricultural and Rural Labourers Released

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The All-India Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers (CPI-AL) and Rural Labourers (CPI-RL) (Base: 1986-87=100) registered an increase of 6 points each in May 2024, reaching levels of 1269 and 1281, respectively. The main items that drove the indices were vegetables, pulses, wheat (atta), onion, milk, turmeric whole, ginger, fish fresh, jowar, pan leaf, medicines, shirting cloth (C.M.), saree (C.M.), leather chappal, etc.

A diverse pattern was observed in the indices of constituent States. Bihar experienced a decline for both CPI – AL and RL. The index of agricultural labourers remained stationary for Jammu & Kashmir.

The point-on-point inflation rate based on CPI-AL was recorded at 7.00% in May 2024 showing a deceleration from 7.03% in April 2024. Conversely, for CPI-RL, the inflation rate was recorded at 7.02% in May 2024, a marginal increase from 6.96% in April 2024. The corresponding figures for May 2023 were 5.99% for CPI-AL and 5.84% for CPI-RL.



All India Consumer Price Index (General and Group-wise):

Group Agricultural Labourers Rural Labourers
  April,2024 May,2024 April,2024 May,2024
General Index 1263 1269 1275 1281
Food 1201 1205 1207 1212
Pan, Supari, etc. 2047 2058 2056 2068
Fuel & Light 1346 1351 1338 1342
Clothing, Bedding & Footwear 1290 1296 1348 1355
Miscellaneous 1323 1339 1327 1339




The CPI – AL and RL for the month of June, 2024 will be released on 19th July, 2024.

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