Grassroots can be Empowered Literacy through their own inherent Local Writers

Rayagada: World Book Day observed at State Resource Centre for Adults & Continuing Education (SRC-Agragamee),Rayagada.Presided over the occasion Mr. Achyut Das ,Director of Agragamee,accoladed those Writers who are Kiths & Kins of Grassroots Society for their Social,Cultural & Economical Progress .

Through their lucid writings they produce all veins of Tribal & other Backward Community who are yet to come across limelight of Literacy.Even their old Traditional & Culture still an upbeat to recognise them as Best Citizens.As Chief Guest Prof.Jyoti Nanda appreciated those Writers who really feel downtrodden’s woes with their exquisite writings.They are real Allumins of Society not to make any exaggerate nlike Literateurs on their writings.Moreso their Skill filled on reality of Life & Livelihoods.

To enreach them they stimulate their powerful thoughts into reality over their truth-based brain storming which a passage to feel coming generations about sanctity & heritage of local rural based society.

Without depending on daily breads as Task Masters they go on only writings of books to reach at unreach zone.Literature does not mean beautifying artificial thinking than feelings of true emotions.That succumb real Encyclopedic thinking among those Readers.As a facilitator Prof.Prakash Senapati stressed on simple & understandable writings of writers who are the real Icons of Society to reform from darkness to dazzling of rural folks.

Among others Mrs. M.Kareketta,DPC of Rayagada praised good work of SRC who have their continue Mission to discover prolific writers & inspire their writings by publishing their books. Bhagaban Gouda,BDO of Kulnara block ensured the teachers who are backbones of their pupils to be constructive to inspire reading habits of books.Three books e.g.,”Bengo Paraja ” written by Niranjan Nayak;”Vansadhara” by Dwiti Chandra Sahu;”Nagabali” by Dambarudhar Patnaik released on this occasion.Dr.Chandan Singh,Director of SRC, Rayagada ;accoladed vote of thanks to those Writers & presume to go on continue publications of books of Epic Writers that governs local issues & gravity of social & cultural instincts despite financial constraints.About 25 Literature-lovers attended the Program.

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