General Manager’s Safety Award for 10 Staff of Central Railway

New Delhi :Anil Kumar Lahoti, General Manager, Central Railway gave away “General Manager’s Safety Award” to ten Central Railway staff i.e. three from Mumbai Division, two each from Bhusaval, Pune and Solapur Division and o­ne from Nagpur Division. The awards were given in appreciation of their alertness during duty, their contribution in averting untoward incidents and ensuring safety in train operations during the month of May 2022, in a function held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai o­n 7.6.2022. The award consists of a Medal, commendation certificate, a citation of exemplary safety work and a cash award of Rs.2000/-.

Shri Abhay Goswamy, Loco Pilot (Shunter) and Abhishek Kumar, Assistant Loco Pilot from Kurla o­n Mumbai Division, while o­n duty of loco shunting heard some unusual sound, immediately stopped the loco. o­n thorough examining it was noticed that a broken water pipe was o­n track. It was immediately removed and thus averted a possible mishap.

Shri Satish Kumar, Assistant Loco Pilot, CSMT, Mumbai Division while o­n duty o­n train No. 11059, o­ne passenger pulled alarm chain and train stopped. But the coach in which alarm chain was pulled was stopped o­n Kalu river bridge. There was crowd in the train and it was difficult to climb. Even then he took the risk, got down and put right the alarm chain. Due to his timely action unwanted delay to train avoided.

Shri P.P. Patharkar, Station Manager, Varangaon, Bhusaval Division, while o­n duty of exchanging signal with goods train noticed that a 10×4 feet of iron plate hanging outside the door of 10th wagon. He immediately stopped the train by showing danger hand signal and the said plate was removed with help of keyman and other staff after which the train left. Due to his timely action a possible mishap averted.

Shri Mohammad Wasim, Track Maintainer, Pachora, Bhusaval Division, o­n 19.3.2022 while travelling o­n duty o­n 11120 Up Express noticed pole nos. 400/11 & 401/5 in slanting position. Immediately he informed the same to all concerned. His alertness and devotion to duty averted a possible mishap.

Shri Mohammad Raja Aalam, Track Maintainer, Nagari, Nagpur division while o­n duty of gateman, noticed a hot axle in o­ne wagon of goods train and immediately stopped the train with red signal. The Assistant loco pilot and guard confirmed that it was hot axle. The same was intimated to Station Manager, Nagari. The wagon was removed at station. Thus, his timely action could avert a major possible accident.

Shri Rajeev Prakash, Loco Pilot, Pune, Pune division, while o­n duty noticed that near Hadapsar station seemed like starter signal was given. But after getting closer it was found that it was looking like glowing due to sun rays. His alertness averted a possible mishap.

Shri K Sunil, Loco Pilot (Passenger), Miraj, Pune Division, while o­n duty of piloting train No. 11426 noticed rail fracture near gate No.126 between Miraj-Sangli section. After ensuring that train can be passed slowly, without clearing the section the matter was brought to the notice of station master of next station. His extreme alertness and vigilance averted a possible mishap.

Shri Rajendra Mahato, Keyman, Parewadi, Solapur Division, while o­n duty observed that EM (elastomeric) pads are missing in second, third and sixth wagon of goods train halting o­n the station. Immediately he intimated the same to all concerned. After attending the same the train departed. Due to his alertness averted a possible mishap.

Shri Shivapujan Kumar, C&W Assistant, Solapur, Solapur Division while o­n night duty at Solapur station noticed a rail fracture o­n platform no. 1. Immediately intimated to all concerned so that it was attended immediately. Due to his alertness a possible mishap averted.

Shri Anil Kumar Lahoti, while addressing o­n the occasion said that the awardees have done a commendable job and such 24 x 7 alertness shown by the railway staff for safer working will motivate others and sincerely work towards the safety of passengers.

Shri B.K. Dadabhoy, Additional General Manager, Shri Alok Singh, Principal Chief Safety Officer, Shri Mukul Jain, Principal Chief Operations Manager, Shri Ashwani Saxena, Principal Chief Engineer, Shri Gopal Chandra, Principal Chief Electrical Engineer, Shri A. K. Gupta, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, Shri A.K. Shrivastav, Principal Chief Signal and Telecommunications Engineer and other Principal Heads of Departments of Central Railway were present o­n the occasion and Divisional Railway Managers of all the Divisions joined the event virtually.

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