Dabur India products causing cancer! US-Canada Customer Complaints

Some products of Dabur’s India subsidiary are causing cancer. Consumers in the U.S. and Canada have complained that the company’s overseas products are causing cancer. Dabur India has published a report on it.
In a series of complaints, users of the company’s hair relaxer products have been linked to other health problems, including ovarian and cervical cancer.
Lawsuits have been filed in the US and Canada.
About 5,400 lawsuits have been filed in the US District Court in Illinois against several companies, including Dabur India subsidiary Namaste Laboratories, Dermoviva Skin Essentials, and Dabur International, the consumer goods maker said.
But now the litigation is in the early stages. Allegations have no evidence and are based on incomplete studies. The court said that the company did not provide any comments.

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