Commit To Act Streets for Life Week of Action 2022 campaign

Bhubaneswar: Stating that a road safety event “#Commit To Act Streets For Life Campaign” organized to
engage the decision makers, NGOs, Politicians, Transport and Police to dialogue on Road Safety Action Plan. It
featured a “Pile of Shoes” representing the 5,081 lives lost on the state’s roads in 2021 in Odisha. At the event,
VIPs and NGOs added shoes to the pile, some of them bringing the shoes of their loved ones.
Speaking at the “Commit To Act Streets for Life Week of Action 2022” stakeholders engagement programme,
conceptualized by SAFE India, here on Sunday, Guest Mr. Sanjaya Biswal said, “The Government has been
actively working with multiple activities The role and responsibility of individual road user is also crucial to
reduce road crashes. He assured lower speed around schools and hospitals and safe school zone for the safety
of school children.”
Guest, Mrs Sulochana Das, Mayor-Bhubaneswar, said, “Together we can make our road safe. BMC is working
hard making quality of road & parking space in the capital city. She said, “ more than 5000 road crash death
every year in the state and explained the impact on the family of the death victims.”
Mr. Bikash Choudhury, RTO-I Bhubaneswar, said, “It is a very appreciating and effective programme arranged
by SAFE India where different stakeholders are in a same floor for road safety. He assured lower speed and
safe school zone in Bhubaneswar”.
Mr. Biranchi Narayan Adhikari, RTO-II said, “5081 people died in 2021 in Odisha and the death rate is higher
than national rate. He appreciated all Road Safety NGOs, the State Road Safety Alliance and the organizer
SAFE India for the engagement Programme”.
Civil Defenece Volunteer Mr. Nikhil, who has done extraordinary job by saving lives in road crashes, was
felicitated by the Mayor on behalf of State Road Safety Alliance & SAFE India.
Addl. DCP-Traffic, Commissionerate Police, Dr. K K Panigrahi said, “4E of road safety. Education, Engineering,
Enforcement & Emergency response. He explained each of the aspect of good driving behaviour.
State Road Safety Alliance- Chairman and the president of SAFE India, Mr. Dillip Kumar Panda said, “Zero
fatality zone Bhubaneswar and all schools should be safe zone with 20 KM/H speed around our schools and
hospitals. He on behalf of the Alliance demanded three points: EVIDENCE-BASED ACTIONS, INVESTMENT
Civil Societies and Road Safety NGOs. We commit to play our part in advocating for and enabling people’s rights
to safe mobility and achieve a 50% reduction in road deaths and injuries by 2030.
He Handed over the “An Urgent Call to Action and the Road Safety Global Declaration” to The Mayor and Joint
Commissioner-Road Safety.
Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Mohapatra, Chairman Shree Seva Trust administer the entire programme on stage and said,
“emergency response is the key to save lives of road crash victims in golden hour”.
Mr. Biswendu Moharana, Secretary, State Road Safety Alliance given vote of thanks.
SAFE India and State Road Safety Alliance aims to make safe school, zone for all schools in Bhubaneswar,
safety of school children during transportation will be the focus advocacy in 2022.

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