CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan plants Banyan, Neem and Karanj saplings

New Delhi :Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted Banyan, Neem and Karanj saplings along with the representatives of Shobha Devi Samajik Seva Samiti. CM Shri Chouhan appreciated the Samiti for adopting orphan daughters and bringing them up. Former MLA Shri Ranveer Singh Rawat and Samiti members Smt. Tripti, Shri Prashant Mishra, Shri Sandeep Satya and Shri Prakash Samadhiya also participated in plantation.

The Samiti adopts such daughters whose parents are no more in this world. 67 such daughters are being looked after by the Samiti. So far marriages of 24 daughters have been conducted. The Samiti assists with the adoption and upbringing of the girl child. Along with this, training related to beauty parlour, sewing-embroidery, computer is also provided for the sustenance, education and livelihood of the daughters. Divyangs, destitute, poor elderly people are also supported by the Samiti.

Importance of plants

Among the saplings planted today, banyan has religious significance. According to Ayurveda, the treatment of many diseases is possible from the banyan tree. Abounding in antibiotic elements, neem is known as the supreme medicine. Karanj sapling is considered important in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also used in religious works.

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