Adani Foundation organizes awareness programme for fishermen


Dhamra : Adani Foundation – the CSR arm of Dhamra Port Company Limited had organised an awareness programme for 50 fisherman, Trawlers Crew & owners and Ice Factory workers belonging to Maa Dhamrai Mashyajibi Banika Sangha – Chandanipal, Kalinali Mashyajibi Banika Sangha – Jyostnamayee, Baitarani Balichar Mashyajibi Banika Sangha – Aman Nagar & Rabindra Nagar at its premise.

The orientation for safe movement into the sea by the fishing boats was made by the Marine department and Safety Department who are very closely associated for the development of this Fisherman Community. A brief description of functions of Dhamra Port and how the operation of fisherman community business is correlated with each other was discussed in detailed.

The programme was graced by Head Safety, DPCL, Marine team, and Head – Horticulture who explained the different aspects of safe fishing and vessel operation. After the orientation, all the fishermen were taken for an exposure on the port and aerial view of the channels through which the vessels reach the Dhamra Port jetty. The onsite demonstration of safe plying of fishing trawler and country-boats was given by the marine team to the fishermen.

The Port authority is considering our contribution from the very inception of the Port. We have been receiving their support regularly for safeguarding our life so that we can return home safely. They are facilitating in making our interface with various government departments so as to ensure safe fishing by us inside the sea adhering the government protocols – said Gourahari Das one of trawler owner of Rabindra Nagar.


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