Want to break the mental barrier in International competitions: TOPS Development Group athlete Chingakham Jetlee Singh

New Delhi : The Khelo India University Games 2021 continues to live up to its billing as the premier battleground for elite varsity athletes from across the country, with high profile names making their presence felt here in Bengaluru. One such athlete whose performance has been followed closely is Guru Nanak Dev University’s fencing prodigy Chingakham Jetlee Singh. On a day of high-profile upsets at KIUG 2021, Jetlee Singh solidified his fast-growing reputation by securing the Gold Medal in the Men’s Individual Epee category on Friday.

Speaking about the competition he faced from the rest of the field at the Khelo India University Games, Jetlee said, “I was fully expecting to come up against some top class competition at this event. That turned out to be the case yesterday, so I am happy to win this Medal and take this confidence forward through the rest of the year.”

Jetlee made headlines in recent months after being included in the TOPS Development Group program earlier in December 2021. The news came as a blessing for him as he continues to make a push towards representing India at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“Me and everyone in my family was elated when we got to know that I have been included in the TOPS Development Program. I am thankful to SAI and the Sports Ministry for recognising my talent and providing me with the support to achieve my dream. Since the inclusion, my game has already progressed as my schedule now includes a greater number of tournaments and more and more practice sessions. Under the scheme, there is a greater focus on my dietary needs as well. All in all, I feel happy about the support I am receiving and am determined to make it count on the big stage,” said the Manipuri fencer.

The shy 20-year-old weighed his words carefully as he opened up about the challenges of being a young athlete responsible for representing the Nation at International competitions.

“It is not easy to perform at an international level. I have gone into competitions feeling confident at the beginning, but I have just not been able to make the mark that I know I am capable of yet. My biggest ambition this year is to break the mental barrier in international competitions. I am targeting the Asian Games this year as the competition I want to perform well in. All my efforts currently are focussed on wearing the India uniform at the Paris Olympics. Playing in the Olympics has been my lifelong dream,” he concluded.

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