Wadeye Community Students graduated in Garment Manufacturing Skill Course at Centurion University

Bhubaneswar, India – June 9, 2023: Six first nation students from the Wadeye community in Victoria, Australia graduated from India’s premier skill university Centurion University. These students have successfully completed a six month garment manufacturing skill course under “WADEYE Training Project” at Centurion University.


The “WADEYE Training Project” is a six-month training project organized by Centurion University, Odisha, India to impart the technical skills required in apparel manufacturing, i.e., cutting of cloth, colour printing, surface ornamentation, among others for the participants. The aim and outcome of this program is to produce confident and capable apparel manufacturing masters who could be gain suitable employment, become micro-entrepreneurs, and develop the skills to train others, creating a ripple effect in their community at Wadeye. Besides, the skills and abilities acquired, they would also learn and understand about Indian culture and lifestyle.


The program started with Ganesh Vandana lamp lighting by guest of honour Prof. Supriya Pattanayak, Vice Chancellor, and Dr Biswajit Mishra, Pro Vice Chancellor, Centurion University Odisha along with Ms Swagatika Mohapatra, GTET and Ms Eve Sofia Riikonen.


Gerradine Bunduck, one of the participants, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating, “I have learned a lot about textile manufacturing and design here in Aussie fashion at Centurion University.”


“This kind of skill training will not only build the students’ capacity, it will build the communities’ capacity by adding new qualified professionals” said Dr Biswajit Mishra, Pro Vice Chancellor, Centurion University.

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