VKC Pride set to energise India’s Neighbourhood Businesses with new Amitabh Bachchan ad and VKC Parivar App

Chennai: VKC Pride, India’s leading PUfootwear brand which is pioneering Indian footwear manufacturing with new technologies is set to energise India’s Neighbourhood Businesses. To empower the neighbourhood businesses in the country Sri. Amitabh Bachchan launches the VKC Parivar Mobile APP. In an age when all the leading corporates in the world are directing all their resources at hand to sell directly to customers – side stepping the wholesaler-dealer-retail network, this Indian company is swimming against the current in modern business and trying to increase sales directly through these traditional networks.


More Neighbourhood Jobs: VKC Corporate House believes that the neighbourhood community is of more importance to them than the bottomlines. The VKC Pride thought process goes along the lines that if you sell through traditional networks, the margins that the retail shops, dealers and wholesalers earn gets spent in the neighbourhoods itself. This process adds to creating wealth and circulating wealth in the neighbourhoods. It generates more jobs in the neighbourhoods. It creates livelihood and happiness for many families in the neighbourhoods. This is a method that helps in helping neighbourhoods flourish rather than suck money out of the neighbourhood families and out of the neighbourhoods itself through the online D2C approach.


New Ad Less Ad Series: To communicate the need of energising India’s Neighbourhood Businesses VKC Pride is launching a New Ad with Amitabh Bachchan, the legend of Indian cinema in India’s first Adless Ad series, a new concept in brand communication introduced by VKC in 2021. It is for the first time in his over 50-year career that Sri. Amitabh Bachchan has endorsed a footwear brand.


VKC Parivar App: VKC Pride launched the VKC Parivar App with Sri. Amitabh Bachchan to connect the Wholesaler-Dealer-Retail Shop Network and their customers using one single Mobile App named VKC ParivarApp. This is probably the first instance in the country where an App is connecting the brand and dealer network with customers to increase sales for the dealer and retail shop networks. More than anything, the VKC Parivar App will enable the retailer shops to showcase their other brands as well on the VKC Parivar App in the future. So, the VKC Parivar App will become the Technology Infrastructure for the retail shop to sell all their footwear to their customers.


“VKC Pride is a mass market product serving the common man of India.Being a long-lasting footwear with 1000+ stylish models and all of them honestly priced, our pride is the common man of India.We love to serve the common man of India as customers, retail shops, sub dealers and wholesalers. VKC Pride neighbourhood business focus is to empower the common man of India and their neighbourhoods. Amitabh Bachchan Ji and the App will add magic to this wonderful thought of energising the neighbourhood business in India.” Said VKC Group Managing Director, VKC Razak.

In September 2021 VKC Pride had energisedIndia’s footwear industry during the pandemic by launching India’s FirstSuperSoft PU Footwearbranded as VKC Pride EEZY.


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