Twitteratti Laud Odisha Government’s decision to shun Guard of Honour with #NoColonialHangover Twitter trend

Bhubaneswar – (Avilash Panigrahi) : Odisha Government has decided to abolish the practice of according Gourd of Honour to the Chief Minister, ministers and government officials.

A statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office explained that the practice was relic of the British era and did not fit with their aim to run a people’s government. Henceforth, guard of honors and house guard salutes will be given to the CM, his ministers and senior government officials only on Republic Day, Independence Day and on Utkala Dibasa ( 1st of April). It will be continued for the President, the Vice-President, the Prime Minister, Governors, Lokayuktas, Chief Justices and other Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts visiting the state.

Marking a redefining moment in history, the state Government has also decided that prefix ’honourable’ will be reserved for freedom fighters and those holding high constitutional positions.

And soon enough, Twitter went berserk with praise for Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik with #NoColonialHangover, as a result the hashtag became on of the leading Twitter trend on 14 August 2019.

Kendrapara (Lok Sabha) MP Anubhav Mohanty, Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Sasmit Patra, MLA Pranab Prakash Das & Chandra Sarathi Behera were also hail the state governments decision.

Reactions on Twitter were in favor of the state government’s historic decision.

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