Tribal village in Madhya Pradesh creates golden history by completing 100 percent Covid vaccination

Bhopal: The Baiga and Gond tribal-dominated Gram Panchayat Jamui has set such an example to prevent corona infection, making the Gram Panchayat Jamui the first such Gram Panchayat in the state, where cent percent people above the age of 18 years have been given the first dose of vaccine. Village Panchayat Jamui, located on Budhar Road, about 8 km from Shahdol district headquarters, has a population of 3180, with 1855 persons above the age of 18.

Initially many vaccination-sessions were organised by the district administration in village Jamui but the people there were hesitant. They were unable to get vaccinated. The village Jamui’s Sarpanch Shri Bhaiya Lal Baiga, Deputy Sarpanch Shri Meenu Singh and social workers took the initiative to clear this confusion of the villagers. After brainstorming with the district administration, all of them came to know about the reasons due to which the people of Jamui were not getting vaccinated. Understanding their state of mind, knocking from door to door, telling the benefits of vaccination, they worked like a mission and persuaded everyone to get the vaccine.

The basic mantra of Collector Dr. Satendra Singh was to instill confidence in the minds of the villagers by respecting their sentiments. So that they may develop self-confidence. Imbibing this spirit, everyone, while playing their part with full sincerity, took a pledge that not a single person in village Jamui who is above 18 years of age should be deprived of the vaccine of Covid-19.

To implement this sacred work, Covid-19 vaccination sessions were organized continuously from 6th June to 12th June 2021 at Sub Health Centre Jamui. Everyone’s efforts started getting success from the very first day itself. On the very first day, 297 persons who were above 18 years enthusiastically got vaccinated. So far 1900 people of village Jamui who are above 18 years have been given the first dose of Covid vaccine.

In village Jamui, Divyangjans also participated enthusiastically in it and 9 Divyangjans of village Jamui got the vaccine to prevent corona epidemic and also gave the message of vaccination to all. Recently, when the district level team reached village Jamui to inspect and verify the vaccination, they got information that 6 people suffering from serious diseases were showing their inability to get vaccinated, so immediately the district level team went from house to house and counselled them and they also got vaccinated. Pregnant mothers and some people who are corona positive in village Jamui have not yet been vaccinated as per the protocol of the government, but due to the efforts of the vigilant social workers of the village, information is coming out that after the completion of the prescribed time period, they too are ready to get vaccinated.

If there is determination, a desire to do something, active participation of all, then solutions can be found even in the most difficult circumstances. The resolution taken by the team of district administration in village Jamui as well as the social workers there, the goal of getting 100 percent vaccination of the people of village Jamui and implementing it in reality is commendable and exemplary.

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