Students Felicitated During Sawmi Vivekananda Anniversary

Report by Badal Tah, Rayagada: Commemorating the National Youth Day on the eve of Swami Vivekananda Anniversary, the students of Swami Vivekanande Vidya Mandir were felicitated for various sports events, literary, oratory and study excellence. After the school girls sang the welcome song, Sri Bijaya Choudhury, School Principal, lauded the competence exhibited by the school students in talent search exams conducted by Govt of Odisha. According to Sri Chaudhury,”As the nomenclature of the school goes, the students are moulded with basic principles professed by Swamy Vivekanande and his guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Most of the pupils in this schools belong to ST & SC and least amount of school fees are levied on them. Even the cost of maintenance in the residential hostel is one of the lowest.”

Sri Badal kumar Tah, a senior scribe, who joined as the Chief Guest, reminisced the adolescent days of Narendra Dutta alias Naren, who metamorphosed into Swamiji at a later stage. Naren was so childish and wicked in his childhood that his mother cursed Lord Shiva for sending a demon to their house. But slowly he became a voracious reader. He was a good singer. He was inquisitive and started questioning existence of God and did not believe idol worship till he met Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. He was an extensive traveller in India and in the West and preached Hindu philosophy. All this and much more multi faceted talent within a life span of thirty nine years ! The school students, who are in the age of adolescence, must learn from the life of Swamiji and engage themselves with not only studies but also sports, song, dance, art, study of books out of their syllabus, travel to places of importance, interaction & sociallisation. The teachers must encourage the pupils to use digital media & entrust them with tasks though quizzes, essays on life and works of Swamiji. They should go home with questions and comply those after consulting with their parents, elders, relatives, seniors, etc. Best answers and writings should be felicitated and published in magazines and news papers.

Kabi Bharati Sri Basudev Patra, Chief Speaker on the occasion, recited a few poems written specifically for the children. He told about Swamiji’s short span of life and work of mammoth nature. As Buddha preached about his Dharma in the East, Vivekananda went around the West in spreading Hindu Philosophy. So he is known as Buddha of the West. In spite of his belief Hindu philosophy, he was secular in nature and always at service of the poor. Though initially he argued with Sri Ramakrishna, finally he budged down and obeyed him as his guru after realised the existence of God in Dakhineswari Kali Temple. All the Gurumas & Gurujis of the school helped organising the felicitation ceremony. Sri Chaudhury extended vote of thanks.


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