Sony launches all new BRAVIA XR A80L OLED series for a new dimension of ultimate picture and sound

New Delhi, 5th May 2023: Sony India today announced the new BRAVIA XR A80L OLED series powered by the Cognitive Processor XR. The newly launched OLED TV series takes vision and sound to the next level with the ingenious Cognitive Processor XR that thinks like a human brain offering a complete immersion in an experience that thrills and moves you and feels just like the world around us. In addition to best-in-class, ultra-realistic picture quality, full of lifelike contrast, the new Cognitive Processor XR also offers incredible sound with Sound-from-Picture reality.

1. Next Gen Cognitive Processor XR thinks like a human brain providing a revolutionary experience that completely immerses viewers in their favorite content
The new BRAVIA XR OLED A80L series will be available in 210 cm (83), 195 cm (77), 164 cm (65) and 139 cm (55) screen size. The revolutionary processor on using cognitive intelligence, Cognitive Processor XR™ enables your BRAVIA XR TV to reproduce pictures and sound in the same way you see and hear them in the real world for an incredibly lifelike experience. It understands how the human eye focuses, cross analyzing images to give real life depth, extraordinary contrast and beautifully vivid colors. Thanks to the unique Cognitive Processor XR™, your favorite content is recreated in a way that is so real that you can feel it. Whatever you are watching, will be upscaled close to 4K quality by the XR Processor XR™. Enjoy striking contrast on the OLED screen that’s expertly controlled by the unique technology to deliver real life depth and pure blacks in every scene.

2. Feel more depth and texture with pure blacks and dazzling light with XR OLED Contrast Pro
The A80L series has XR OLED Contrast Pro which boosts colour and contrast in bright areas for exceptionally realistic pictures defined by absolute pure blacks and peak brightness. With a temperature sensor and high luminance panel, this OLED TV utilizes our Cognitive Processor XR™ to detect screen temperature and precisely control light so pixels in bright areas are illuminated simultaneously.

3. With the latest XR 4K Upscaling, XR Clear image and XR OLED Motion technology enjoy 4K action that stays smooth, bright and clear with no blur

The A80L series encompasses XR 4K upscaling technology so that you can enjoy entertainment close to 4K quality, whatever the content or source. The Cognitive Processor XR™ accesses a vast amount of data, intelligently recreating lost textures and detail for real world pictures. XR Clear image reduces noise utlilising zone division and dynamic frame analysis and minimizes blur. With OLED XR Motion Clarity technology powered by the Cognitive Processor XR™, the A80L series combats blur by detecting and cross analyzing key visual elements on successive frames. It creates and inserts extra frames between the original ones so you can enjoy smooth and clear action, even in fast-moving sequences.

4. A80L has XR Triluminos Pro which delivers natural shades in every detail and the X-wide angle offers beautiful colors from any direction
Powered by our Cognitive Processor XR™, XR Triluminos Pro enables A80L access over a billion colours and reproduce each one with the subtle differences seen in the real world. Together with our wide colour gamut panel and human-centric processor, it can detect colour from saturation, hue and brightness to deliver natural shades in every detail. With X-Wide Angle, watching televisions from the sides is now as satisfying as from the centre. This OLED panel keeps colours consistent and true, wherever you’re watching.

5. Enjoy superfluid Google TV user interface with handsfree voice search offering endless entertainment through 10,000+ Apps & games along with 700,000+ Movies and TV series. It also works seamlessly with Apple AirPlay2 and HomeKit
With new BRAVIA A80L series, download 10,000+apps, see 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, plus live TV, all in one place. Google TV brings everyone’s favourite content from across apps and subscriptions and organizes them. Searching is easy- just ask Google. Try saying, “Hey Google, find action movies” to search across apps. Customers can easily find something to watch with personalized recommendations and bookmark shows and movies by adding a watchlist from phone or laptop with Google Search and find everything in one place. BRAVIA A80L also supports Apple Home Kit and AirPlay that seamlessly integrates Apple devices like iPads and iPhones with the TV for effortless content streaming.

6. With Handsfree voice search feature, you can interact with the TV to play your favorite shows and movies
Find your favorite content faster than ever using the power of your voice, no remote required. With hands-free voice control built into A80L OLED, forget the complicated navigation or tiresome typing, you can set aside the remote and just use your voice to search for entertainment, get answers, and control the TV and smart home devices. All you need is to say, “OK Google, turn on the TV” or “OK Google, what should I watch?” and see it happening.

7. A high impact gaming television, offering best-in-class gaming experience with Auto Genre Picture Mode and Auto HDR Tone mapping features along with HDMI 2.1 compatibility, 4K 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)

Bring gaming to life like never before as A80L series is loaded with exclusive gaming features such as Game Menu, Auto Genre Picture Mode, Auto HDR Tone mapping supported by HDMI 2.1 compatibility, 4K 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) offering jaw dropping graphics, awe-inspiring scenes and atmospheric sound. Auto Genre Picture Mode in A80L automatically switches into Game Mode with PS5™ to minimise lag and maximise responsiveness. It switches back to standard mode when watching movies for more expressive scenes. The Auto HDR Tone Mapping instantly optimises HDR settings during your PS5™ initial setup. Even in dark shadow and bright highlights, one can see fine details and true colour. With 4K/120fps, a Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, this television gives you ultra-smooth experience and clear movement for responsive gameplay.
8. With A80L, Game Menu feature allows you easily access gaming status, settings and gaming assist functions all in one place
The A80L series include an easy-to-use Game Menu where gamers can tailor their settings to their preferences, such as turning on or off VRR or Motion Blur Reduction with quick access. The Game Menu also allows users to increase the brightness in dark areas to easily spot objects and opponents with the black equalizer and can easily take aim on their opponents with six types of crosshairs. New this year is the ability to customize the size of the screen with the screen size feature to concentrate gaming with a smaller, focused screen.

9. A80L series comes with BRAVIA CORE, to enjoy the largest collection of IMAX enhanced movies with highest quality Pure Stream™ upto 80mbps
The BRAVIA Core app is a pre-loaded movie service that allows for redemption of 10 current releases and classic blockbusters films with unlimited streaming of top movies upto 24 months. It gives you access to a large library of Sony Picture’s movies available to stream in near 4K Blu-ray technology. With BRAVIA A80L experience Pure Stream™, the highest streaming picture quality and access the largest collection of IMAX® Enhanced movies, everything you watch is delivered with stunning visuals and expressive sound quality. With the BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode, your movie will automatically adjust to the optimal picture settings to create a truly exceptional at-home movie viewing experience.

10. Explore an array of fun new TV experiences with BRAVIA CAM including gesture controls, ambient optimization, and Google meet etc
Connect your BRAVIA XR A80L OLED TV with BRAVIA CAM (sold separately) for an even more immersive viewing experience. BRAVIA CAM recognizes where you are in the room and how far you are from the TV, then adjusts sound and picture settings so they’re just right. You can also enjoy an array of fun new TV experiences with BRAVIA CAM including gesture controls, you can also catch up with your friends and family on the big screen via google meet feature. Detecting the distance between you and your TV, BRAVIA CAM adjusts TV brightness, so you can always enjoy perfect picture quality, no matter where you are in the room. A light and color sensor in the TV optimizes pictures to light conditions for the best possible viewing experience.

11. Create your own cinema at home with exceptional visual and audio experience with BRAVIA XR technology, Pure Stream™ and IMAX Enhanced
For the ultimate in picture quality, the A80L pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR). With IMAX Enhanced this TV reproduces all the drama and excitement of the director’s imagination.

12. Enjoy picture and sound in complete harmony as screen is the speaker with Acoustic Surface Audio+ and XR Surround with 3D surround upscaling
With the new A80L, experience improved pictures and sound harmony. Under the XR Sound Position, the sound comes directly from the screen with Acoustic Surface Audio+™. Triple actuators behind the TV vibrate to create acoustics that move with the picture. The TV includes three actuators and two subwoofers, out of which two of the actuators are dedicated to treble, strengthening sound localization and surround sound. Two actuators on the sides also improve high frequency sound with clear and natural dialogue. Left and right subwoofers boost bass for immersive sound at home. With BRAVIA XR™, everything you watch gets the true surround sound treatment. XR Surround virtually creates surround sound from the sides and vertically using just the TV speakers, so you can experience 3D audio without the need for in-ceiling or up-firing speakers.

13. Supreme pictures and sound in every environment with Ambient optimization, Light sensor, and Acoustic auto calibration technology
The A80L with ambient optimization technology with light sensor automatically adjusts the picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones so you get the perfect view. The unique ambient optimization technology with light sensor automatically adjusts picture and sound to your environment. The acoustic auto calibration technology detects your position and optimizes sound, so you can enjoy the same sound quality as if you are sitting right in front of the TV. Sound can change depending on your room environment. The OLED series also includes a light sensor that optimizes picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones so you get the perfect view.

14. A80L series is designed to perform in the toughest conditions with the XR protection PRO
New A80L OLED series built with the new and improved X-Protection PRO technology is made to last. Not only these televisions are equipped with superior dust and humidity protection as they also pass the highest standards of Sony’s lightning tests, meaning your TV is safeguarded from lightning strikes and power surges. Keep enjoying seamless entertainment with a TV that lasts longer

15. Easily immerse yourself into the picture with the minimum ‘One Slate’ design and the ‘Metal Flush Surface’ bezel
The Minimalist one slate design with metal flush surface embraces the screen in a single pane of glass that’s naturally elegant and keeps viewers focused on the picture without distraction. A 3-way stand gives you the choice of a standard setting that focuses you on the picture, narrow setting for smaller shelves and soundbar setting for ideal positioning of your sound system. The stand is a new design with a diamond-shaped cross-section, which makes the appearance even thinner and lighter.

16. Designed with the environment in mind
The growing demand for ever larger TV screens comes with greater resource and energy use. Sony’s sustainability commitments are realizing efficiency gains from product development right through to watching TV. Keeping its commitment to decreasing plastic usage through its Road to Zero initiative. To reduce environmental impact, Sony is working on multiple aspects of the product life cycle, such as reduction of virgin plastic use, improvement of transportation efficiency, and reviewing energy consumption during use. Additionally, the new Eco Dashboard included on all 2023 models allows users to easily customize energy saving preferences and settings.


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