Sometimes animals behave more like humans and humans behave more like animals: Director Rodrigo Guerrero

New Delhi : It was an article in the newspaper about a man in trouble with his apartment’s neighbours regarding his pet dogs that spurred director Rodrigo Guerrero to make “Siete perros (Seven Dogs)”. The director, while attending the “Table Talks” organised by PIB at the 53rd International Film Festival of India in Goa today, remarked that “sometimes animals behave more like humans and humans behave more like animals.”

Director Rodrigo Guerrero at the IFFI “Table Talks”

The issues of loneliness and camaraderie in the contemporary urban environment, he noted, were the themes he sought to explore. A canine family becomes the catalyst for human connection in the film.

On being asked about the challenges of shooting with animals, the director remarked that it was surprisingly easy as long as the pets were in a controlled setup. He also went on to say that the lead actor and animals were incubated for a week before shooting to familiarise them with each other.

The 2021 film ‘Siete perros (Seven Dogs)’ directed by Rodrigo Guerrero screened at the 53rd IFFI, Goa, has been nominated for the coveted Golden Peacock under the International Competition Category. The film is the Argentinian Director’s fourth feature. With a runtime of just over 80 minutes, it explores the bond between a man and his pets.

Still from ‘Siete perros’

15 films will be competing for the coveted Golden Peacock at the 53rd edition of the International Film Festival of India.


Cast and Credits:

Director: Rodrigo Guerrero

Producer: Rodrigo Guerrero

Screenplay: Paula Lussi

DOP: Gustavo Tejeda

Editor: Delfina Castagnino, Suana Leunda

Cast: Luis Machín, Maximiliano Bini, Natalia Di Cienzo, Paula Lussi, Eva Bianco, Paula Hertzog



Ernesto lives with his seven dogs in an apartment building in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. His lonely daily routine revolves around his pets’ needs, his health problems and his money problems. His neighbours arrange a mediation hearing and urge him to take his pets out of the apartment. Ernesto does not want to live without his dogs, and he cannot afford to move elsewhere.


Director’s Bio:

Rodrigo Guerrero (b. 1982 Cordoba, Argentina) studied Film and Television from the National University of Cordoba. He also has a Masters in creating Audio-visual Screenplays from the International University in La Rioja, Spain. He made his debut with ‘El invierno de los raros’ (2011) and followed it up with, ‘El tercero’ (2014) and ‘Venezia’ (2019).

Watch the full interaction here:

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