Social atmosphere is crucial in protecting the rights of the elderly: Mangubhai Patel

New Delhi : Governor Mangubhai Patel has stressed on the creation of a social environment for the protection of the rights of the elderly. He stressed the need to provide guidance to the viewpoints of the youths and to inculcate good values in the future generation. He said that ideological thinking should be done in schools and colleges regarding the rights of senior citizens. He called for the initiative of coordinated efforts by the intellectual group of the society along with the government for a happy future for the elderly.

Governor Shri Patel was addressing the national seminar organised by the State and National Human Rights Commissions at RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration and Management, Bhopal. In the programme, the Governor was presented with the first copy of the booklet “Rights of Elderly Persons”, a compilation of articles of subject-experts for public awareness regarding the rights of senior citizens. The Governor was welcomed with a Shawl, Shriphal.

Governor Shri Patel expressed concern over the decline in affable feelings between the younger generation and the elderly in the present scenario. He said that it is necessary to make efforts to protect the rights of the elderly and to expand the efforts of public awareness to the rural and deprived sections. The Governor urged the present and future elders to unite and make efforts through voluntary organisations in an institutional form to create a social environment. He exhorted the elders to guide the younger generation with their experience, pay special attention to physical and mental balance, stay healthy, make a lifestyle considering it as their responsibility and live with family members while maintaining a balance of speech and behaviour. Explaining through examples about creating an intimate atmosphere in the family, he told that the children should be brought up with the life values ​​of Indian culture. In the education curriculum, it is necessary to make them realise the sacrifice and struggle of the parents along with the nation, society. By doing this, the future generation will be full of gratitude towards the parents for 365 days. He explained with illustrations the pain experienced by parents when the children leave them after marriage on growing up. He told that the seven-year-old boy of a couple who lived separately from their parents went missing for a few hours and they felt very helpless. They realised the pain of parents when they are abandoned by the children after living with them for 25-30 years. In the seminar, Governor Shri Patel extended best wishes on World Population Day.

Shri NK Jain, Chairman, State Human Rights Commission discussed the global and national perspective regarding the rights of senior citizens. He explained about the legal arrangements and provisions. He said the neglect of the elderly who are the heritage of culture in the hustle and bustle of development and the discourteous behaviour towards them is the devaluation of Indian moral values of life. Described them as indescribable suffering for senior citizens. Their protection and respect is the responsibility of the government and society.

Member of the Commission, Shri Sarabjit Singh introduced the topic in the welcome address. Member Shri Manohar Mamtani proposed vote of thanks. Secretary of the Commission Shobhit Jain, Justices, officers, field staff of government and voluntary organisations and law students were present.

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