Scrap to treasure- Special Campaign 2.0

New Delhi : Special Campaign 2.0 from 2nd -31st October 2022 was highlighted with many best practices and innovations for efficient space management and records management. The campaign was implemented on whole of Government approach under coordination of DARPG.

The Department has also taken several landmark initiatives to preserve century old documents of high historical values and preserve them with the help of National Archives of India during the Special Campaign 2.0. It also framed a few such documents to display them in library. [List in attached Annexure]

Hindi translation of Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure (CSMOP) was also taken out for the first time. CSMoP is backbone of the functioning of the central Ministries and always provided much needed guidance through standardized process and procedures for a complex and diverse set up of Central Secretariat.

During Special Campaign 2.0, DARPG has generated a revenue of Rs.48, 500 from scrap of electronic and physical wastes during the campaign period and freed an area of around 200 sq.ft space.

Click here to see the List of some very old Publications of DARPG Library:

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