Raipur : We had never seen such a huge amount of money before, but now we are purchasing goods of worth upto Rs 12 tp 15 lakh: Sumani Baghel

In response to Chief Minister’s question at Bhent-Mulaqat programme, Mrs Sumani Baghel told that her self-help group is presently doing the minor forest produce collection work under Van Dhan Yojana. Under this scheme, they collect Harra, Bahera, Giloy, Mahua, Tamarind etc. She told Chief Minister that two year ago, we had no work no job, but now after associating with this scheme, we have become financially empowered. Earlier we had not even seen such a big amount of money, but today we are capable of purchasing goods worth up to Rs 12 to 15 lakhs. Earlier middlemen would purchase forest produce from villagers at low cost and make huge profit by selling it on a higher price. But ever since minimum support price has been set for these forest produce, villagers are earning better profits.
Mrs Sumani further told Chief Minister that earlier, traders used to procure tamarind from the villagers at the rate of Rs.25, but now villagers are making good profit by selling this tamarind to us at the rate of Rs.33/kg. This scheme has made all of us financially empowered. Earlier we women used to depend on our husbands for the fulfillment of daily needs. She further told that this financial independence has boosted our self-confidence, so much that we are boldly expressing our thoughts, opinions and needs without any hesitation. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel appreciated and applauded Sumani’s work and also congratulated her for her growth.
During the discussion, Mrs. Sumani told that her self-help group has 10 women members and when all of them are free from farming work, they work for 2 to 3 months and earn good profit from this scheme. She told Chief Minister that two years ago the cost of Tendu leaves was Rs.250 but now its value is Rs.400, because of which we have started earning an additional income of Rs.150. She thanked Chief Minister for Van Dhan Yojana, on behalf of the women group, the women of the village and the women of the state. On being asked by Chief Minister, Mrs. Soni told that she has her husband, her mother-in-law and two children in the family. Mahua is bought from the villagers at the support price of Rs 35,.  Earlier her children used to study in English Medium School but after lockdown due to pandemic, she got them enrolled in local government school.

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