ODM Educational Group launches a learning app for its I-XII School Students

Bhubaneswar: ODM Educational Group launched an online learning app called ‘ODM Learning App’ which aims to enable all-school learning at the convenience of home for I-XII students at ODM Public School. This app will encourage studies and not let students’ learning and growth hamper due to the spread of COVID-19 in the country. ODM Public School took to developing this app to establish and streamline a school schedule and benefit over 4000+ children. The app launched at ODM Public school, Patia, BBSR by Dr. S. Minaketan, Chairman, ODM Educational Group.

The timing couldn’t have been better as now that the schools are indefinitely locked down, this is a big relief for children. The app is specifically designed and developed such that students can learn by watching online School Teachers Videos on their phones which will be available throughout the year. The students will be provided notes from their school teachers on the app and they can access them as and when required. The app enables the students to not just learn through online classes but also allows them to connect with their teachers on a one-on-one basis and clear all doubts related to the topic. While the features of online learning have been seamlessly integrated in the app, ODM Public School has designed this app for the long haul, as it further allows the students to scan and submit their assignments on the app, which will be evaluated by the teacher and marked for their monthly assessments. Further, ODM Learning App will be a permanent feature in ODM’s Academic Curriculum post the opening of schools.

On the launch of the app ODM Learning, Swoyan Satyendu, Chief Operating Officer, ODM Educational Group said, students, can be assured of triple benefits- one, with this App, learning would take place through online lessons imparted by the own teachers of ODM, supplemented by other educators of national and international repute, covering the entire syllabus; two, it will facilitate direct interaction of students with teachers through audio-video calling or Whatsapp messages and for the solution of problems within the slotted time from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.; three, participation of students in the online Testing and Assessment System for Periodical Test counts etc.

The school planned to design a complete app to support its students, instead of just going for virtual classes. The school has ensured that the app is designed with all the advanced features that today’s leading Edtech apps have to offer. The standing-out point here will be that the school’s own teachers will be taking the classes, which will create a level of comfort and make the students believe that they are a part of the school environment.

Haimabatinandana Pati, 12th Standard student said, “We’re really glad that our school has taken the initiative to develop a platform for all the students, especially for the 12th class students as it is a crucial year for us, and missing on a lot of our studies would have impacted the final results. The app is very easy to use and gives us access to everything at the touch of our finger such as- we can have doubt clearing sessions with our teachers, do assignments and also watch & re-watch the class multiple times as per our convenience.”

ODM Public School has also launched a YouTube Channel, where it will post some selected lectures of its teachers for all the children from all corners of the world to view and learn from. This initiative has been planned with a social motive to benefit all.

Swoyan Satyendu further expresses his gratitude and jubilation on the app being whole-heartedly welcomed by all the school teachers, students and parents.

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