IIM Sambalpur stands with society in the fight against the global pandemic

Sambalpur: We are all in the midst of a global pandemic. Millions of lives across continents have been impacted by this vicious disease. From the common to the royal and from the rich to the poor, no one has been spared. Every citizen of the world is fighting, shoulder to shoulder, in these tough times and doing their bit to heal the Mother Earth.
Every member of IIM Sambalpur understands the seriousness of the situation and is doing everything they can to fight this pandemic. From practicing social distancing and right sanitary measures to staying home during the lockdown, everyone is doing the needful. Moreover, recognising the need of the hour, the Social Club of IIM Sambalpur, Sankalp, along with the alumni of the institution, have taken a step further in helping the society to the best of their abilities. They are working together, round the clock, to help the underprivileged, the daily wagers, street vendors, migrant workers with food, shelter and by providing them with the basic necessities, in areas in and around Sambalpur and Burla. More than 400 families in Sambalpur alone have been outreached by the efforts of IIM Sambalpur. They have also undertaken social communication as one of their tools to educate the community on the need of social distancing and right sanitary practices. Students and faculty members are making their contributions in both monetary and kind to support as many people as possible.
Prof Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur, added, “These are really trying times for humanity and the human race. As we continue our lives during this difficult phase, everyone has to stand united to fight Covid-19 and support the people working behind the scenes by staying home, staying safe and helping others in this endeavour and do their share for the society. Let each one of us contribute for the betterment of our community and the world.”

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