Nitin Gadkari to inaugurate/lay foundation stone for NH projects worth Rs 4468 Crore in Andhra Pradesh on 3rd Oct 2017

New Delhi: The Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Shipping and Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation Shri Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate National Highways projects worth Rs 1928.46 crores and lay the foundation stone for projects worth Rs 2539.08 crores in Andhra Pradesh on  3rdOctober 2017. In addition to this he will also lay the foundation stone for the development of Muktyala to Vijaywada stretch of  Krishna River ( National Waterways – 4. )Shri Gadkari is scheduled to visit Vijaywada on 3rd October, 2017.

Approximately 415 km of National Highways would be inaugurated by Shri Gadkari, while he will lay the foundation for another 250 km NH. The projects include rehabilitation and upgradation of existing National Highways, besides construction of a 4-lane bypass to Vijayanagaram Town on NH 43 ( New NH 26).

As per an MoU signed with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh on 14th April’2016, NW-4 in Andhra Pradesh is proposed to be developed in three phases

  • Phase-I: -Muktyala to Vijayawada (Krishna River) (82 Km)
  • Phase-II: -Vijayawada to Kakinada (Eluru canal & Kakinada canal) and Rajahmundry to Polavaram stretch of Godavari (233 Km)
  • Phase-III: -Commamur Canal, Buckingham canal and balance stretches of Krishna & Godavari Rivers (573km)

Shri Gadkari will lay the foundation stone for Phase- I on 3rd October, 2017. Work on this phase, that is development of the 82 km from Muktiyala to Vijayawada stretch has already commenced. Dredging began in the shallow areas in  May this year, and the work is expected to be complete by June, 2019. For Temporary Terminal Facilities was awarded in August this year and is expected to be complete by June 2018. For the Permanent Terminal Facilities work is expected to be awarded by March 2018 and work to be completed by June 2019. Night Navigational aids to be taken up in 2018.

The project  will provide an efficient logistics solution to boost the economic growth of the region and facilitate the development of the capital city Amravati during its early development stage as substantial construction material is expected to be transported on this stretch of NW-4.

A proposal for Phase-II has been recommended by IWAI board for PIB/Cabinet. Also, a proposal for formation of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for implementation of the project is under consideration for the approval of Cabinet. The SPV is expected to be formed by November 2017.

National Waterway No.4 was declared in November, 2008 for a total length of 1078 km. This length was extended to  2890 km by NW Act-2016. The following stretches are included in this :

  1. a)River Godavari (Bhadrachalam to Rajahmundry)                  = 171 km
  2. b)River Krishna (Wazirabad to Vijayawada)                             = 157 km
  3. c)Kakinada Canal (Kakinada to Rajahmundry)                        =  50 km
  4. d)Eluru Canal (Rajahmundry to Vijayawada)               = 139 Km
  5. e)Commamur Canal (Vijayawada to Pedaganjam)                    = 113 km
  6. f)North Buckingham Canal (Pedaganjam to Chennai)  = 316 km
  7. g)South Buckingham Canal (Chennai to Merkanam)    = 110 km
  8. h)Kaluvelly Tank (Markanam to Puducherry)               =   22 km

Extended sections

  1. River Krishna from Wazirabad to Galagali (628 Km)
  2. River Godavari from Bhadrachalam to Nasik (1184Km)

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