Nepal Exported Cardamom Worth 7.7 Billion; Largest Amount Of Cardamom, Worth Rs 7 Billion And 680 Million, Was Exported To India

Kathmandu: More than Rs 7 billion and 700 million worth of cardamom have been exported from Nepal in the last fiscal year 2070/080. According to the statistics of the Customs Department, 9 million 386 thousand kilograms of cardamom were exported from August to July.

In the fiscal year 2078/079, a total of Rs 4 billion 813 million and 400 thousand worth of cardamom were exported from Nepal. During that period, 5 million and 367 thousand kilograms of cardamom were exported.

Compared to the fiscal year before, the export of cardamom increased by Rs 2 billion and 890 million in the last fiscal year.

Cardamom is exported to four countries from Nepal. Among them, the largest amount of cardamom, worth Rs 7 billion and 680 million, was exported to India. Cardamom worth Rs 19 million was also exported to Pakistan.

Similarly, cardamom worth Rs 1 million was exported to Italy and cardamom worth Rs 600 thousand was exported to Germany.



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