National flag must be hoisted in every house on Independence Day: Governor Mangubhai Patel

New Delhi : Governor Mangubhai Patel has called upon the people of the state to hoist the national flag in every house on Independence Day. He said that the society and individual exist only when there is a country. It is the ultimate duty of every person to contribute his best to strengthen the nation. We must not do any such work that can hurt Mother India. He said that it is the utmost duty of the office bearers to always follow the oath that they take. Governor Shri Patel was addressing the swearing-in ceremony organized by Madhya Pradesh Agrawal Mahasabha at Hindi Bhawan.

Governor Shri Patel asked everyone to make a concerted effort to establish India as World Guru. Giving the example of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s powerful esolve, he said that when he was not given visa by the US, he had called upon people to work unitedly to make the Gujarat model an ideal of development. He had said that those who are refusing, will themselves invite him one day. What he said happened.

Governor Shri Patel said that being a representative of the prosperous and enlightened class, the responsibility and role of Agrawal Samaj becomes all the more important in the development of the country and the state. He said that just as the weakness of one part of the body makes the whole body unhealthy. In the same way, if a family and community is deprived and backward, it weakens the society and the country. Those who are capable and competent, it becomes their duty to take the responsibility of development of the poor, backward and deprived sections.

Governor Shri Patel said that the contribution of the society in the development of the country in all fields, economic, religious and social, is incomparable. The spirit of service to living beings is deep rooted in the Agarwal Samaj. For the society the whole of India is its family and the world is Kutumba. The contribution of the Samaj in running charitable and religious institutions is not hidden from anyone. The achievements of Samaj’s talents have made the country proud. The nation is proud of the Samaj.

President of the Mahasabha Shri D.P. Goyal enlightened on the future plans of the Mahasabha. He said that the Mahasabha would form the Agrawal Traders Federation. It will support the efforts of eradicating social evils and marriage and higher education of children from poor families. He called upon the office bearers to increase the number of members of the Mahasabha. The programme was addressed by the Regional Woman President, Madhya Bharat Region, Smt. Rashmi Agarwal and the Regional Youth President, Shri Siddharth Agarwal. State General Secretary Shri Sanjay Mertiya Goyal gave the welcome address. Regional President Smt. Savita Agrawal proposed the vote of thanks. Sushri Radhika Deshmukh conducted the programme.

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