Nandanik is going to celebrate the World Theatre Day 2018 at Koraput, Odisha

Koraput: Nandanik, a theatre group based in Koraput, Odisha is going to celebrate the World Theatre Day 2018 at Koraput. The day 27th March has been designated as the World Theatre Day by the International Theatre Institute of UNESCO. Nandanik has been celebrating the day ever since its inception in 2014.

This year Nandanik is celebrating the World Theatre Day by organizing a seminar on the topic, Relationship of Theatre with Poetry. Prof Sourav Gupta, Creative Director of Nandanik said’ ‘We have always tried to look at theatre from different angles and in a serious, academic way rather than just engaging in staging of plays. By choosing this topic, we want to explore the linguistic and creative aspect of theatre with respect to poetry. Kavyaguna of Natak and natyaguna of Kabita are complementary to each other and share an interesting relationship which is integral to study of drama. This is also our way of engaging people outside the peripherry of Theatre.’

Gupta informed that an elite panel is being set up for the seminar comprising eminent poets, playwrights and critiques who will do the brainstorming. The seminar is being held in Saints School, Koraput.’We have deliberately chosen a school as our venue so that the student community may be encouraged to participate and interact and in this process attracted to the great art form of theatre.’ said Gupta.The other item in the programme includes reading out of the World Theatre Day message given by five eminent theatricians of the world.

Nandanik, formed in 2014 under the leadership of Prof Gupta, a faculty at the Central University of Orissa has regularly organised plays, seminars, workshops and festivals inspite of financial & logistic constraints. In a short span of time it has made a promising mark in Theatre circle of Odisha and India. With Nandanik’s celebration of the World Theatre Day, a worldwide phenomenon, Koraput too is going to be visible as a part of this celebration.


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