Matheran – Aman Lodge Shuttle Services attract more Tourists

New Delhi :Ferries more than 78577 passengers during the Month April-May 2022

Revenue of Rs.54.59 lakhs during the period from April –May 2022.

Matheran is the nearest and the most popular tourist destination for the citizens of Mumbai. Central Railway with its shuttle services for passengers between Aman Lodge and Matheran has been instrumental in popularizing this place as a major tourist destination.
Central Railway has ferried 78,577 passengers and transported 9115 packages during the April-May 2022 compare to 5739 passengers ferried and 2931 packages transported during the period from April to May 2021 between Aman Lodge and Matheran.

In addition to providing a comfortable journey to tourists, these services help in cheap and quick transportation of materials also. This has resulted in fetching the revenue of Rs.54.59 lakhs during the period from April –May 2022. This includes passenger revenue of Rs.53.8 lakh and parcel revenue of Rs.74,117/- compare to 2.94 lakh revenue which includes 2.70 lakhs from passengers and Rs24475/- from parcel during the period April -May 2021.

These figures indicate the important role of Railways in providing a safe and comfortable travel to its passengers coming to this tourist destination.

Central Railway popularizing this place not o­nly as a major tourist destination but also as a place which takes o­ne close to Nature. It provides the thrill of watching Nature closely along with a memorable ride in the Toy train thus immersing o­neself in the serenity of the natural environment of Matheran.

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