Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum to increase entry and photography fee from July 1

New Delhi :The entry and photography fee has been increased in the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum established with a focus on the life, indigenous knowledge, art tradition and beauty of the tribes of Madhya Pradesh. The fee hike will be applicable from July 1, 2022. The entry fee for Indian visitors (above 10 years of age) is Rs 20, for foreign visitors (above 10 years of age) Rs 400. Similarly, a fee of Rs 100 has been fixed for photography per camera/mobile (non-commercial without stand, tripod, selfie stick).

The museum is open for visitors from 12 noon to 8 pm. Architectural, craft and practical forms of residence of tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh are displayed in various galleries of the museum. In the 6 different galleries of the museum, glimpses of tribal life, their surroundings, sports, culture, Devlok etc. can be seen. Kiosks have been set up in each gallery for the research scholars, so that things can be understood both in Hindi and English in detail.

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