Madhya Pradesh Minister of State Brijendra Singh Yadav addresses about Covid vaccination

Bhopal: Minister of State for Public Health Engineering and in-charge of Ashoknagar district for COVID-19, Shri Brijendra Singh Yadav started the Vaccination Maha-campaign by garlanding the picture of Shri Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi in Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Mungawali. He said that along with the entire state, the vaccination campaign started in Ashoknagar district today. Mr. Yadav said that we all together have to reach out to the people that we should stay away from any kind of rumors and misconceptions regarding the vaccine and must get the vaccine. The Minister of State made a personal request from the school to the community hall and made a personal request to the people to get the vaccine. Shri Yadav also greeted the visitors at the vaccination center by garlanding them.

The minister in charge said that by getting the vaccine, the person becomes safe, but it is very important for everyone to adopt corona friendly behavior so that the infection cannot affect again. To prevent corona infection, every person should talk and greet by keeping a proper distance from each other, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, do not consume tobacco products and do not spit in public places, crowd Avoid, use mask continuously, wash your hands regularly, do not travel unnecessarily and seek medical help in case of any kind of mental stress or problem.

Minister of State Shri Yadav said that a target of 10,000 vaccinations has been set in the district on June 21. Today, 114 centers were set up in the district, where people above 18 years of age got the vaccine. In the district, vaccination was done for the differently-abled and the elderly incapable of movement, and arrangements were made for those who wanted to come to the center.

Referring to the commendable work of bringing public awareness for the treatment of people affected by infection and prevention of infection during Kovid-19, Minister of State Shri Yadav said that public representatives, media persons, members of the Disaster Management Committee, social and Government servants of all departments, including voluntary organizations, health, police, municipal, have discharged their responsibilities with full devotion. He said that even in today’s great campaign, everyone is working with full service. This work will continue till the end of corona infection.

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