International Conference on ‘the Importance of Sanskrit Language in India and the World’ inaugurated at CUO

The three days International Conference on ‘Importance of Sanskrit Language in India and the World’ organized by the Department of Sanskrit, Central University of Odisha, Koraput was inaugurated on 17.03.2023 in the University campus. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi inaugurated the conference in the presence of eminent Indian and foreign Sanskrit scholars. He highlighted the importance and use of Sanskrit in the present world. He said “Sanskrit is the classical language of India, the oldest and the most systematic language in the world. Sanskrit which was once the language of munis and rishis is now attracting the modern world”. He remembered the place where the University was established as a part of Dandakaranya mentioned in the Ramayana and He welcomed the foreign and Indian Sanskrit scholars to this holy place.

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