IIT Bhubaneswar organizes Seminar on ‘Unleashing the Fire Within’

Bhubaneswar : Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar has organized a thought-provoking seminar on ‘Unleashing the Fire Within’ on 19th April 2024. Eminent Life and Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author Mr. Deepak Chaudhury deliberated on how one can move from a ‘life of Default’ to a ‘life of Design’.
In this interactive session, Mr. Chaudhury spoke about the importance of setting a goal for achieving success in life. He delved into Neurobiology of Goal Setting, the Desire to Discipline Ration, Finite and Infinite Goals, a Bulletproof Belief System as the key to Limitlessness, the Ravana Effect for developing a mindset to maintain the achieved success. He said, “You can achieve anything you ‘Desire’ as long as you are ready to support each of your desire with a proportionate amount of ‘Discipline’.” He defined ‘success’ as the combination the dimensions like Freedom (Freedom of Finance, Freedom of Task and Freedom of Time), Fulfillment and Fitness. “Intention and Belief are the key to achieving success,” he maintained.
Dr. Vijaykrishna Kari, Professor-in-Charge-Seminar, IIT Bhubaneswar coordinated the Seminar. Shri Bamadev Acharya, Registrar of the Institute was also present on the occasion. The faculty members, staff, students and residents of IIT Bhubaneswar participated in this seminar in a large number.

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