How to Swap Your Bitcoins for Dollars or Euros in Just Five Minutes

Converting bitcoins into fiat currencies can be done quickly and conveniently using virtual cards. This method allows for the instant exchange of cryptocurrency, enabling the use of funds in everyday life.

In this article, we will explore how to quickly turn Bitcoin into dollars or euros using the Ultima card. We will also examine the advantages and features of the PSTNET service.

PSTNET is an innovative financial platform offering crypto cards Visa/Mastercard for various purposes. The service supports 16 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Let’s break down the step-by-step process of exchanging Bitcoin for fiat using the Ultima card.

Step 1: Register on the PSTNET Platform

First, you need to register on the PSTNET. This involves creating an account using your email and password. You can also use your Google, Telegram, Whatsapp or Apple ID accounts. Then, complete a simple data verification process. If the card top-up amount is less than $500, verification is not required.

Step 2: Fund Your Account with Bitcoin

After successfully registering and verifying your account, you need to fund it with Bitcoins. To do this:


  • Go to the “Deposit” section.
  • Choose Bitcoin as the deposit method.
  • Send the required amount of bitcoins from your personal wallet to the provided address.

Step 3: Convert Bitcoins to Dollars or Euros

Once the bitcoins have arrived in your PSTNET account, you can proceed to exchange them for dollars or euros:

  • Go to the exchange section and select Bitcoin.
  • Enter the amount you want to exchange.
  • Choose the currency for the exchange (dollars or euros) and confirm the transaction.

The funds will be automatically converted and credited to your Ultima virtual card.

Additionally, you can fund your card balance using other cryptocurrencies, SEPA/SWIFT bank transfers or Visa/Mastercard.

After converting Bitcoins into fiat currencies, you can use the Ultima card for various financial transactions. These include online shopping at international stores, purchasing apps, paying for subscriptions and digital services, and engaging in media buying. All transactions are completely secure thanks to the innovative 3D Secure technology. Each payment operation is confirmed by a secret code sent to the user via SMS, the personal account or a Telegram bot.

Advantages of the Ultima Virtual Card

The Ultima card has several advantages, including no transaction fees, no withdrawal fees and no charges for declined payments.

Additionally, the fee for funding the card is only 2%, regardless of the deposit method. 

Withdrawing funds from the card is also simple and free of additional charges. 

Many users leave positive PSTNET reviews, highlighting its customer-oriented service and flexible usage.

Key Features of the Service:

  • Free Card Availability: Cards become free with sufficient monthly spending.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Support managers are available around the clock via Telegram, Whatsapp, and email.
  • Functional Telegram Bot: Notifications and 3DS codes are sent to the bot.

Users can choose a suitable plan: pay $7 each week or pay annually. Currently, there is a 48% discount, making the annual plan cost $99.


To sum up, converting Bitcoins into dollars or euros using the Ultima card is a straightforward and efficient process. The PSTNET platform offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to register, fund it with Bitcoins and convert them to fiat currencies in just a few simple steps. With the added convenience of using a virtual card for everyday transactions, the Ultima PSTNET service stands out for its security, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. 


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