Gujarat Titans unveils the team logo in the Metaverse

Ahmedabad : Gujarat Titans unveiled the team logo in the Metaverse today. The logo shows an apex echoing the spirit for what they are called the ‘Titans’ – to move upward and beyond with the aim to achieve higher goals. It symbolises the aspirations of the team to achieve the ‘pinnacle’ of success in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League. The logo was launched by the team’s Head Coach – Ashish Nehra, Captain – Hardik Pandya and batsman – Shubman Gill, who had the first ever interaction in The Titans Dugout in the Metaverse.

The much-anticipated team logo takes inspiration from the shape of a ‘Kite’ that soars up and high in the sky, reflecting the team’s urge to scale new horizons of endless possibilities. As kite-flying is an integral part of Gujarat’s cultural heritage with festivities like Uttarayan festival, the logo reflects the rich cultural heritage and legacy of the state, basis which the team’s foundation is built upon.

The logo also features a ‘bolt of lightning’, symbolizing the sheer energy and the immense power to illuminate even the darkest of the skies in a split second, which in the context of the team, will stand for their determination to turn adversity into triumph.

Gujarat Titans has built a young and energetic squad. The team logo echoes the very belief they inculcate – ‘We stop at nothing’, a mantra that is imbibed in the team’s spirit to always move forward with courage and determination, starting with its debut in the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League.

Check out the logo launch of Gujarat Titans on Metaverse by clicking on the below link or you can also visit the team’s official website:



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