Greenply launches its new brand campaign ‘E-0 chuno, Khulke Saans Lo’

Mumbai: Greenply Industries Limited, India’s largest interior eco-friendly infrastructure company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing a comprehensive range of plywood, decorative veneers, flush doors, and other allied product has launched its brand campaign. The campaign aims to highlight the risk of formaldehyde emission from plywood and showcases Zero Emission (E-0) product range of the company. The TVC campaign has been created by Ogilvy India featuring Mr Boman Irani in the lead.


The campaign thought is succinctly captured in the tag line; ‘E-0 chuno, Khulke saans lo’. We have been tossed around in the receding waves of a global pandemic, held hostage to an invisible army hiding in the air outside the safe space of our homes. We have guarded ourselves against these unseen outdoor dangers. But have we ever considered the dangers that dwell unnoticed within our homes? That is the question Greenply, wants to ask through the newly launched zero-emission campaign. Through the course of a lyrical banter, the TVC asks the unavoidable question: never mind the dangers outside, who will save you from the dangers inside?


The campaign is designed to raise a pertinent concern about formaldehyde emissions in plywood we use through an engaging, lively story, that drives the message home without sounding preachy or instructional. The aim was to weave a narrative that finds its way to the core message through a relatable analogy wrapped in humour. After all, home is supposed to be a safe space, a mask-free zone. The only thing that stands between you and deep, cleansing breaths is formaldehyde emission. E-0 grade emission compliance made sure that the plywood emits negligible formaldehyde and that its manufacturing facility has an on-site testing mechanism to monitor quality.


Talking about this campaign, Mr Sanidhya Mittal, Joint Managing Director, Greenply Industries Ltd said, “There has been a significant change in the consumer buying pattern. People are more focused on maintaining a clean environment inside their homes as well. The campaign is all about creating awareness on what E-0 emission stands for. The commercial operates in the space of humour to strike a chord with our target audience. With increasing awareness about the harmful consequences of air pollution on human health, consumers today are extremely concerned not only about their external environment but also about the Indoor Air Quality where they live. The rising concern pushed us to come up with this innovation.”


Reflecting on the campaign, Mr Sujoy Roy, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy said “Musical banter is one of the oldest forms of creative expressions. It makes the intended message more memorable simply by being engaging, lyrical and humorous. We thought that a comic dialogue leading to a conversation on formaldehyde emissions might just be the way to reach out to homeowners, across social, cultural and class identities. We couldn’t think of anyone better than Boman Irani for the role. His presence, not to mention his inimitable brand of humour, adds a touch of domestic familiarity to the campaign


The new campaign transcends its role as product advertisement and becomes a relevant message issued in public interest. The communique hopes to initiate new conversations that will ultimately change our perception of safe spaces. Against the assault of invisible enemies inside our living spaces, only a champion can stand. That champion is Greenply Industries Limited, forever forging innovations that serve in the interest of health and well-being.


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