Failure of State Potato Mission led to huge loss to Cold Storages in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Failure of State Potato Mission led to huge loss to Cold Storages in the state.

Cold storages were created by the government inviting private entrepreneurs to provide storage infrastructure to the potato growers. But potato mission was a total failure, because of half hearted endeavor by the government. Infrastructures were created but there were no feed stock available, as Government took hardly any initiative to encourage potato cultivation. Odisha Cold storages association claims that the government is responsible for the current plight of Cold Storages in the state and it has to immediately step in for its rescue and revival. All cold storages In the state are in strike for last Two weeks but there is no response from the Govt.

The cold storages in the state are on indefinite strike since the 22nd February, demanding various genuine and basic measures for its revival. The Govt is yet to respond or even call for a meeting with the Cold Storage Association. The shutdown of Cold Storages will not only hit the entrepreneurial but also the farmers’ community very badly.

Sources informed the consecutive rain during the last week has damaged potato crops in low lying areas of West Bengal for which the prices of potatoes may rise up after the harvest season. While government is busy distributing schemes of PEETHA and KALIA, but failing to address the common and basic prevailing issues which will affect the majority.

There is a threat to the existence of the Cold Storage Industries, which provides major post harvesting and earning security to lakhs of farmers of the state, but still no concerns from the government to address the problems.

Overburdened with the huge liability and business loss and fear of bankruptcy, the promoters have threatened to immolate themselves before the Secretariat, but government had turned its deaf ears to their appeals.

Shut down of the Cold Storages had displeased the farmer’s community and this might turn out to be a major factor depicting the failure in addressing the security of earnings and control over the inflation in prices of potatoes. Sources informed that the farmers might come on street raising the concern and it would hurt the vote bank of the ruling party if it happens to escalate the issue prior to the elections.


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